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When You’re Unsure of Your Holdings: TYPO3 Project Reviews

When you buy a car, do you just purchase the first one you see? What about if you go to the doctor's office and get told that you’re fine, yet you still feel sick? Bottom line is that sometimes a second opinion is just what you need.

Getting objective facts on the table

Are you involved in creating TYPO3 websites? Or is your business website running on TYPO3 CMS? We can help you optimize your website on all fronts! Project Reviews are one of TYPO3 GmbH’s more unusual offerings. They give those involved in TYPO3 web projects the chance to get an objective, expert opinion about the state of their website.

Evaluating a website

Everyday, agencies and freelancers work hard to deliver their best results to ensure the success of websites they deliver to customers.

Every websites is different, yet they all have:

  • a concept (hopefully!)

  • design

  • code

Evaluating both concept and design can be done in a hands-on manner, areas that need attention can be pinpointed. With code this is more tricky. It’s not because code is too complicated for non-coders to understand, it’s because of its nature. You can’t just “touch” the code or look at it.

A typical website consists of differents parts that all have to work well together.

When we review projects, our job is to get all of the areas analysed and documented in a way that makes it easy to understand as a whole. That’s what TYPO3 Project Reviews are all about. And we have an amazing team of TYPO3 developers. They aren't just good at coding, they deeply understand software, how people use it, and all the logic that makes it go.

Small-scale or large-scale

We can carry out an independent analysis for a complete installation or for parts of it. We look at your code and give you an objective opinion about it. Whichever kind of review it is, you’ll always receive an in-depth technical documentation. All of the facts and figures will be right there at your fingertips.

TYPO3 Project Reviews for agencies

Now let’s take a closer look at various backgrounds that may make a review worthwhile for agencies.

Next week we’ll be taking a closer look at reasons website owners may have for wanting a second opinion on their website and opting for a TYPO3 Project Review, so stay tuned for that!

Four hot-button issues (a.k.a. typical review subjects for agencies)

You may want a second opinion to ...

  1. …estimate the complexity of an upgrade and identify possible problem areas and potential pitfalls beforehand.
    Diving into pitfalls headfirst is no fun. Besides which, they mess up schedules. It’s always good to know what you’re in for to be able to plan accordingly.

  2. …undertake quality assessment (QA), improve your standards and promote consistency.
    There’s a big difference between settling for standards and setting them. Evaluating internal processes, the level of quality and evaluating if programming meets best-practice standards can help establish a benchmark for operational procedures.

  3. …assess the workload for migrating or upgrading a new (unknown) project, including analyzing if upgrading is possible or not.
    The consequences of misjudgement can be severe. They can rip your reputation apart and can cost you both time and money. A Project Review will help you make an informed decision.

  4. …analyze problems in specific areas such as performance or security.
    You want websites to go live seamlessly, which means setting them up and performing complete testing before the general public sees them. Ensure that a website is as safe and secure as it can be, before it gets launched.
    Also, just because a website “looks right” doesn’t mean that it’s performing at its best. We do a series of tests to evaluate that it’s performing as expected and assess what can be done to maximize efficiency.

Getting objective facts on the table can be the fastest way to making decisions you won’t regret. Are curious as to what insights you gain?

A note before leaving

TYPO3 GmbH isn’t in the business of building websites; that’s what professional TYPO3 agencies do. Our business is enabling the TYPO3 community to deliver its best work to everyone. Our reviews are discrete, objective, and based on expert knowledge gained through years of professional experience.

Get in touch with us to talk about your situation and how we can help you. We know our stuff. And we can’t wait to learn about yours.


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