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Unlocking Success, Together: Introducing the New TYPO3 Partner Program

Unlocking Success, Together

Introducing the New TYPO3 Partner Program

The wait is over: Starting in 2024, after announcing the new TYPO3 Partner Program alongside our Early Adopters during last year’s T3CON23, we are happy to provide you with all the information you might be looking for. We have listened to your feedback from the previous installation and included a wide and diverse variety of benefits, generating actual added value for our TYPO3 Partners

The Thoughts Behind the New Partner Program

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development and content management systems, collaboration and expertise form the cornerstones of success. Recognizing this, we are thrilled to finally and officially unveil the details of our revamped Partner Program, designed to empower freelancers, agencies, and service providers to thrive in the TYPO3 ecosystem. The Partner Program is based on transparency, trust, communication and collaboration – fostering a new era for our beloved TYPO3 Project.

The new Partnership Levels

The new partner program introduces three distinct partnership levels, each tailored to cater to the diverse needs of our ecosystem.

TYPO3 Consultant Partner

Tailored for freelancers, TYPO3 consultants, and trainers. The Consultant Partnership includes a 10% yearly Kickback option for all official TYPO3 GmbH services, an inclusion in official marketing campaigns and stories, and recommendation of the Consultant Partner towards our agency and technology partners and a multilingual case study on TYPO3 Consultant Partners also receive direct leads for training and client requests through TYPO3 GmbH.

TYPO3 Solution Partner

Geared towards TYPO3 agencies and service providers. The TYPO3 Solution Partnership includes a 20% yearly Kickback option for all official TYPO3 GmbH services, an inclusion in official marketing campaigns and stories as well as the possibility for joined marketing measures. Additionally, TYPO3 Solution Partners receive direct and fitting lead suggestions through our lead funnel and will be actively communicated as the top TYPO3 agencies to pick towards potential customers. 

Our solution partners receive multilingual case studies on and prominent, thematically fitting placements on our landing pages. We regularly invite our TYPO3 Solution Partners to official roundtables to present them with the newest product and market developments, discuss collaboration opportunities and much more. 

TYPO3 Technology Partner

Designed for TYPO3 hosters and integration partners. The TYPO3 Technology Partnership comes with a 45% yearly Kickback option for all official TYPO3 GmbH services, an inclusion in official marketing campaigns and stories as well as the possibility for joint marketing measures. Additionally, TYPO3 Technology Partners will be actively communicated as the top TYPO3 technology partners to pick towards our agency and consultant partners. 

Additionally, Technology Partners receive the possibility to not only attend our partner roundtables, but also actively participate and shape them, presenting their topics towards our Solution Partners.

Presenting the Benefits of the TYPO3 Partner Program

The benefits of the new Partner Program are based on three distinct pillars: 

Financial Benefits & Discounts

Partnerships with TYPO3 come with a range of financial advantages, surpassing traditional rebates and discounts.

Partners can enjoy an enticing kickback option of up to 45% annually on GmbH services, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Reduced sponsorship rates and a yearly event support budget further sweeten the deal.

Communication & Marketing

Central to the program is joint communication, amplifying the benefits of TYPO3 CMS and the ecosystem.

Partners gain visibility on and official channels, positioning themselves as experts and leveraging TYPO3's extensive outreach.

Exchange & Collaboration

Successful partnerships thrive on communication. Partners are invited to regular roundtables, focusing on security, product strategy, and TYPO3 development.

This two-way exchange ensures partners are up-to-date on innovations and their feedback shapes the future of TYPO3.

The Partner Program’s Pricing Structure

Transparent and in Line with our Association’s Goals

In crafting the new partnerships, transparency and reliability took center stage. Each partnership level now boasts a set default price, meticulously calculated to reflect the inherent value and dedication invested in its benefits over the course of a year. No hidden costs, no surprises – just a clear and resonant melody of what you receive in return.

But here's where the magic happens: We deeply appreciate your support of the TYPO3 Project through your Association Membership Level. The price of your partnership descends as your membership level ascends. It's not just a partnership; it's a crescendo of recognition for your commitment to TYPO3.

Want to become a part of it? Let’s talk!

The TYPO3 Partner Program isn't just a collaboration; it's a journey towards mutual success. Join us in unlocking the full potential of TYPO3 and shaping the future of web development together. You know where to find us ;-) 

Embrace the power of partnership – your success starts here!

Contact us for further details!


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