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How to find your perfect match – TYPO3 Memberships & Partnerships

The differences and opportunities between TYPO3 Memberships & Partnerships

Let's dive into exploring the differences between TYPO3 Memberships and TYPO3 GmbH Partnerships. Understanding these distinctions is essential for anyone looking to engage more deeply with the TYPO3 community, whether you're an individual developer, a freelancer, or a large agency. 

TYPO3 Association Memberships provide a range of benefits for individuals, institutions and organisations to support and benefit from the TYPO3 ecosystem.

At the same time, TYPO3 GmbH Partnerships offer tailored opportunities for businesses to collaborate and grow with TYPO3's extensive network and profit from the system’s commercial visibility and outreach. In this blogpost, we'll break down the various levels of memberships and partnerships, highlighting the unique benefits and opportunities each offers to help you find the right fit for your organisation and needs.

TYPO3 Association Memberships

The TYPO3 Association is the heart of the TYPO3 Project. By becoming a member of the Association, you not only support and become a part of the TYPO3 community, but also directly contribute to the further development and existence of our beloved Open Source CMS. Being a member is both a statement of support for TYPO3 and your ticket to participate in and vote at the annual General Assembly and other decision-making processes.

The different levels of TYPO3 Association Memberships

There is a perfect membership level for every user of TYPO3 CMS. Individuals can become a part of the community for as little as 7,92 € a year, while there are also different levels for academic institutions and agencies of any size.

Community Membership

Membership should not be limited by the personal economic situation or exchange rates. It should be the member’s engagement for the CMS that counts.

Bronze Membership

The Bronze membership is the option for freelancers offering TYPO3 services to customers or individuals using TYPO3 regularly.

Silver Membership

The membership for small companies providing TYPO3 services or using TYPO3 as an end-user regularly.

Gold Membership

Mid-sized companies providing TYPO3 services or using TYPO3 regularly should consider the Gold Level membership.

Platinum Membership

Companies doing little else than TYPO3 services, or who have made great savings by choosing CMS with no license costs, should become Platinum members.

Academic Membership

The membership designed for Universities, Research Institutions, and Colleges.

Important Note

Please note, there is no designation as a "TYPO3 Gold / Platinum Partner." The correct term "TYPO3 Partner" can only be used in conjunction with an active partnership with TYPO3 GmbH. You can find a complete list of all official TYPO3 Partners here.

Membership in the TYPO3 Association does not equate to a partnership with TYPO3 GmbH. Similarly, being listed in the Professional Services Listing, whether through a paid or free entry, does not constitute a TYPO3 Partnership.

Why should you become a member?

Joining the TYPO3 Association offers a unique opportunity to contribute to and benefit from one of the most robust and flexible open-source content management systems available. By becoming a member, whether at the Community level on an individual level or the Gold or Platinum level for agencies working with the CMS – you directly support the ongoing development and maintenance of TYPO3. 

Your membership helps ensure the stability, security, and innovation of the CMS, which is funded by our over 1,000 dedicated members globally. In return, TYPO3 Association members gain access to a network of professionals and open source enthusiasts, valuable resources from within the community, and exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services, fostering collaboration and growth within the TYPO3 community. By joining, you not only enhance your own skills and capabilities but also contribute to the collective advancement of a powerful, open-source tool that empowers websites and businesses globally.

Become a TYPO3 Association Member

If TYPO3 has been your CMS of choice for your customer projects in the past few years, we strongly invite you to consider becoming a member of the TYPO3 Association. Your support helps sustain and enhance the project that you love and rely on. Our members are the backbone of TYPO3's success, ensuring its stability and future growth. By joining, you contribute to the existence, continued development and innovation of the CMS.

TYPO3 GmbH Partnerships

With the TYPO3 Partner Program launched early 2024, we created an additional stream of benefits and close collaborations between agencies and TYPO3 GmbH. The Partner Program is based on transparency, trust, communication and collaboration – fostering a new era for our beloved TYPO3 Project.

Read up all on the benefits of the TYPO3 Partner Program here

The different levels of TYPO3 GmbH Partnerships

The partner program introduces three distinct partnership levels, each tailored to cater to the diverse needs of our ecosystem. The Partner Program is based on three distinctive pillars: Financial Benefits, Communication & Marketing and Exchange & Collaboration.

TYPO3 Consultant Partners

The TYPO3 partnership for freelancers, TYPO3 consultants and trainers.

TYPO3 Solution Partners

The TYPO3 partnership for TYPO3 agencies and service providers.

TYPO3 Technology Partners

The TYPO3 partnership for TYPO3 hosters and integration partners.

Why should you become a partner?

By joining the TYPO3 partner network, we enable you to actively profit from our outreach, presence and visibility and position you as a proven TYPO3 expert towards end customers and users. You not only get exclusive access to our nationwide TYPO3 roundtables receiving the newest information from within the TYPO3 cosmos and access to joining our official TYPO3 exhibition booths, but also benefit from additional discounts, a yearly event sponsoring budget, a personal contact person for any of your questions, the placement of case studies on and an exclusive, fourth year of ELTS for any upcoming versions.

Finding your perfect match

How memberships & partnerships align

In creating the new partnerships, we focused on making everything transparent and reliable. Each level now has a fixed price, carefully determined to reflect the annual value and effort put into its benefits. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges – just a clear understanding of what you receive.

The exciting part is that we truly appreciate your support for the TYPO3 Project through your Association Membership. The higher your membership level, the lower the cost of your partnership. This structure not only establishes a partnership but also honours your commitment to TYPO3 with increasing recognition as you move up the membership tiers.

Do you have any questions about either of these topics?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime via! We’re happy to advise you.