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The TYPO3 Blog Extension allows you to run a blog and engage more customers in your activities using any type of content: articles, images, video, etc. It’s based on special core features of TYPO3, like content elements and pages. Use all your favourite and well-known elements to create a full blown blog with ease! The TYPO3 Blog Extension was created by the TYPO3 GmbH. The code is freely available for use via the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) on TYPO3.org.

The Importance of Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Software has become an essential part of any business today, and so it’s also a key factor in creating greater Return on Investment (ROI). If you want to secure your website’s value, there’s no getting round contracting with professionals for a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

TYPO3 Blog Extension for Version 9 With New Features

The TYPO3 Blog Extension has been made compatible to the new TYPO3 v9 LTS version and is now available for free download in the TER. Hooks have been updated and a couple of neat new features have been added, like comments on comments, reCAPTCHA, search engine friendly RSS feeds and lots more!

TYPO3 Blog Extension 8.7.1 and 7.6.1 Released

We’re pleased to announce that two new versions of the TYPO3 Blog Extension have been released: 7.6.1 and 8.7.1. Find out more about the recent changes. In today’s post, we also give an insight into new features that will be introduced to the extension when the next LTS version, TYPO3 v9, is released later this year.

Running a Blog With the Popular TYPO3 Blog Extension

Providing interesting and helpful content gives people a reason to keep coming back to your site. Business blogging has been steadily on the rise for the past decade. The popular TYPO3 Blog Extension makes running a blog incredibly easy.

TYPO3 GmbH Releases Blog Extension

We are proud to announce that we just released the extension powering this very blog. The main goal for this blog extension was to use TYPO3s core concepts and elements to provide a full-blown blog that users of TYPO3 can instantly understand and use.