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New Blog Release - More Control, More Transparency

We are proud to announce the release of version 1.2 of our TYPO3 blog extension. With this new version you are able to shine more light on your authors. You will also gain more control over your posts and comments left by your readers. This version comes with a huge "Thank You!" to those TYPO3 community members who reported a few bugs and many feature requests.

The list of new features includes (but is not limited to):

Dedicated author objects

Create a profile for every author in your blog and connect them with their blog posts. Every blog post can now be equipped with an "About the author" box. If you have multiple authors working on a single post, there will be multiple boxes. Additionally, you can find posts created by any author with a simple click.

New backend functionality

On the blog post management tab it is now possible to search and filter your posts. Edit, tag or categorize them directly in this list view. And at the new comment management tab you will never lose track of your users comments again. See your pending comments, edit, approve or decline them in one central place. Sort your comments by date, author or post name and save time.

Honeypot against comment spam

We implemented Honeypot SPAM protection to the comment form. This technique adds a hidden and empty input field into the form that is used as a honeypot for spam bots. A real human user doesn’t see the field and will leave the field empty. You can only submit the form as long as that field is empty. The spam bot, unable to detect this technique, will fill this field and therefore be kept out.


Important note: Due to the new author objects the current editorial settings in the page module have been marked as deprecated. They will be removed in one of the next versions, so make sure to add profiles for your authors. You can find the changelog here.

Get in touch!

Your feedback on the new version of this extension is more than welcome and highly appreciated. Just the #t3g-ext-blog channel on Slack and get in touch with the developers.


Very, very nice extension! Testing in the new T3 8.6 is coming! :) Thanks!

I´m using this extension without "blog_template" . How can I edit a Post (add comments, authors, classes to all Post details)? I was trying to add some classes in default.html, but they are addes only the the List-View.

Amazing updates on EXT:blog with adding a feature of Authors, Comments & Honeypot SPAM protection!

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