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SkillDisplay - Recap of TYPO3 Eastern Europe 2018 (T3EE)

Thanks to Christina from SkillDisplay for sharing!

Last weekend, the 6th annual TYPO3 Eastern Europe (T3EE) took place from 13th to 16th of September in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The SkillDisplay team took part as the educational partner of the event and held talks about “Skill Management and Certification in the TYPO3 Universe” and “SkillDisplay Coffee Talk”. There was also a SkillDisplay booth, where interested persons could get information about how trainers can teach TYPO3 skills and how business persons can cooperate with educational institutions.

The coffee round was for everyone who wanted to get an insight into best practices in teaching TYPO3 and we were more than happy to welcome coaches, international business persons and representatives of the journalism department of universities.

We’d like to give you an overview of the most discussed topics about SkillDisplay at the conference and this blog post therefore includes:

  • How does SkillDisplay work?

  • Which TYPO3 Editor Boxes are available?

  • How can I use SkillPaths in my tutorial / class?

  • Future features: Internal skill management and skill reports

How does SkillDisplay work?

This was probably the most frequently asked question of attendants who hadn’t heard of SkillDisplay before. To explain the platform as easily as possible, we created a tutorial. The tutorial has been available on the platform for a couple of weeks and was created to explain the components that are part of SkillDisplay. The learning-by-doing SkillPath on the platform can help you understand how it works in a hands-on way.

We were also asked a more specific question about the platform, namely: How do business SkillUps work?

The business SkillUp – which is one of four ways to verify learners’ skills – has the requirement to partner with us. The skills you are able to verify depend on the partnership. If you are a business person who can verify the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (TCCE) SkillPath, learners can send you a SkillUp request for each skill of the TCCE SkillPath.

You can either accept or decline the request from the learner. All pending verification requests and completed verifications are listed in the “Verification tools”. It is strongly recommended to only accept requests if you know that the learner really fulfils the goals of the skill.

Which TYPO3 Editor Boxes are available?

First of all, the boxes are available at TYPO3 events which SkillDisplay representatives attend; the next events will be Meet TYPO3 Vienna 2018 and University Day 2018 in Mainz. You can have a look at the demo boxes so you can find out whether the free or premium box is a good fit for you.

Five different boxes are created by the TYPO3 Education Committee – and empowered by SkillDisplay – that contain educational content for the first 19 skills of the TYPO3 Editor SkillPath. The LectureSheets, BusinessSheets and SkillSheets in the boxes should help:

  • Tutors teaching the editor skills

  • Business persons creating workshops for students

Every box includes:

  • ExplanationSheet - How to use the box.

  • LectureSheets - They contain ten topics like “Introduction”, “Setup” and so on. These sheets give an overview of a possible organisation of an annual plan and can easily be integrated into the class.

  • SkillSheets - For each topic from the Lecture Sheet, there is a SkillSheet with suitable skills that are part of the TCCE SkillPath on the SkillDisplay platform.

  • BusinessSheet – It is created with and helps with the setup of a TYPO3 instance.

Educator StarterBox

The extra of this box is that it contains content from our educational partner HTL Rennweg, located in Vienna. The SkillSheets of the educational institute include best practice material of their own TYPO3 classes and can be used in addition to the standard SkillSheets.

Business StarterBox

Business persons should cooperate with educational institutions so the career entry gets easier for learners and business persons can meet young specialists. Besides the standard content, this box also includes BusinessSheets that explain how to organise TYPO3 Editor workshops for students.

PremiumBox, PremiumPlusBox, VIPBox

These three boxes include the previously described Lecture-, Skill- and BusinessSheets plus extra BonusSheets and different partnerships for you and an educational institution of your choice. Are you a business person and interested in cooperating with us? Write us at

How can I use SkillPaths in my tutorial / class?

For those teaching the TYPO3 basics, the Educator StarterBox helps you by organising the whole school year. If you want to teach more advanced TYPO3 skills, have a look at the available SkillPaths.

A SkillPath is the suggested order a learner can learn a set of skills. The teacher should assist their students by gaining the skills of the chosen SkillPath. This can be put into effect in form of talks, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. An extra motivation for your students is the SkillUp. For every gained skill, you can verify the learners’ ability with the educational SkillUp. At the end of the year, you can give the students with the most SkillUps a special prize.

If you want to teach CMS without focusing on TYPO3, there are several skills available in the editor SkillPath which you can use in your class. You can just pick the skills you’d like to teach your learners. General skills like “About a CMS” and “Choosing a secure password” can then be included in your tutorial.

Future features: Internal skill management and skill reports

The most discussed features are company-specific skills and “SkillChartas”.

Can I get a document that lists all of my skills?

Yes, but at the moment it must be generated manually by the SkillDisplay team. The function which creates “SkillChartas” is part of the rewards system. You can find available and reached rewards when you are logged in by going to the menu item “Rewards”. In the future a SkillCharta for all of your verified skills will be available in an automated version.

Can I use SkillDisplay as an internal skill management platform?

At the moment it is possible to manage your employees’ skills if you are interested in the available SkillPaths, which include the TYPO3 Certificates for Editor, Integrator and Developer as well as the standalone SkillPath for Fluid.

Our plan for the future is to let you create your own skills and SkillPaths, so you can use the platform with company-specific abilities, which are not covered in the existing SkillPaths.


This was an overview of topics that T3EE attendants were interested in. Do you have a question or want to get more information about a particular topic? Write us an email!


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