Tag: Certification

Looking for a leg up in your TYPO3 career? Certifications remain a proven way to quickly gain valuable skills and demonstrate deeper interest and know-how. Four certifications worth having: TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer (TCCD), TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI), TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant (TCCC) and TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (TCCE).

TYPO3 GmbH Launches All-New Professional Service Listing

Are you offering products and services around TYPO3 CMS? The new Professional Service Listing is the perfect stage to show off your competence, service offerings, skills, certifications, and case studies. Learn more details about this new component in the TYPO3 universe and get listed today!

SkillDisplay - The Skills of TYPO3 v10

The SkillSets are updated to TYPO3 v10 and the new syllabi are on their way! There are a couple new skills for the TCCE, TCCI, and TCCD that await to be discovered by the TYPO3 community. A guide for doing an official certificate exam online or offline is also included.

SkillDisplay - Summing up the 3 Year Erasmus+ Project

The end of the Erasmus+ project is near and we wanted to look retrospectively at the development of the SkillDisplay platform, educational TYPO3 resources that have been made available during the project, and past events.