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Optimize Your TYPO3 Experience: Simplified ELTS Purchasing Through My TYPO3

We are pleased to announce an important update that will significantly improve the way you access and purchase TYPO3 services. To streamline and simplify your experience, we are making changes to the purchasing process for TYPO3 Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) services. We will implement these changes with TYPO3 ELTS 10.4. ELTS v9.5 will be available via until October 2024. Also starting in October 2024, ELTS v9.5 (4th year) will only be available to TYPO3 Partners and via My TYPO3. This enhancement is in collaboration with Yatta using their solution, Yatta Checkout. Here's what you need to know:

What's changing in the ELTS purchase process?

From now on, you will be redirected from to when purchasing any ELTS service, instead of This move allows you to complete your entire purchase process within the centralized My TYPO3 platform, ensuring a smoother, more integrated experience.

Why the change from to My TYPO3?

We want to simplify the purchase process by eliminating the need to navigate to an external checkout system. This change is part of our broader goal to improve your experience and make it more seamless and efficient.

Benefits for you

  • One-stop solution: Complete your ELTS purchases without logging into an external system. My TYPO3 serves as your central hub for all TYPO3-related activities.
  • Streamlined process: Enjoy a straightforward and efficient process, all in one place.

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Your central hub: My TYPO3

We plan to gradually move more services to My TYPO3. Our vision is for My TYPO3 to be the single destination for all your TYPO3 service needs, while the TYPO3 Shop will focus primarily on merchandise.

My TYPO3 is your central account management platform designed to facilitate communication, education, products, services and interaction within the TYPO3 ecosystem. We believe these changes will significantly improve your interaction with TYPO3 services, making it more convenient and accessible than ever. Your support and understanding as we implement these improvements is greatly appreciated.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out.