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New TYPO3 Exam Tool Enables Online Certification

TYPO3 Certifications

As one of the most important players in the CMS market, TYPO3 is used by countless people from various industries and backgrounds. In order to successfully complete any kind of web-based projects, in-depth knowledge of the tools you're using is crucial. The easiest way to showcase your competence with TYPO3 CMS to others was and still is an official TYPO3 Certification. Each of the available certifications - TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (TCCE), TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI), TYPO3 Certified Developer (TCCD), and TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant (TCCC) -  verify the knowledge of the TYPO3 users and their organizations or companies employing them.

Up until June 2020, it was only possible to get TYPO3-certified in person. These certifications could either be taken 

Unfortunately, due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting cancelation of all physical TYPO3 events for this year, these two certification options cannot take place for the time being. In order to counteract this situation and ensure continued certification even without personal contact, the development team of TYPO3 GmbH made it their top priority to make online certification exams available. This work resulted in the entirely new TYPO3 Exam Tool, an online service platform to buy, schedule, and take exams for the sought after certifications.


Since the presentation of the certification exam platform during the CertiFUNcation GoToWebinar on June 26, 2020, two out of seven online exams have been passed. Of course, the entire team of TYPO3 GmbH would like to take this opportunity to say: Congratulations to Larissa Schlein and Riad Zejnilagic Trumic from web-vision GmbH! We hope for many more passed exams to come in the future and are more than happy about the accomplishment.

So far, the feedback from the TYPO3 Community has been enormous - the opportunity to take certification exams online has been met with great approval. This only further proves the point of certifications being an integral and increasingly important part of customer requirements in the TYPO3 ecosystem. Providing fast and uncomplicated access to online certifications was the next logical step to keep this synergy going.

Explore the new tool now

Among other merchandise, the necessary certification exam vouchers are available in the official TYPO3 online shop - which, by the way, also has recently been relaunched by the developers of TYPO3 GmbH. Follow the button below to go to the TYPO3 Exam Tool:


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