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Interview - Our New Project Manager Markus Kamp


Since June 1, 2020, we have a new team member in our ranks, Markus Kamp. Markus takes on the position of project manager for us. On this occasion, we conducted an interview with him, which we do not want to keep from you.


Hello Markus, we are delighted to welcome you to our company. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your professional career so far?

My pleasure.

I was born in Düsseldorf, and I’ve always lived in Düsseldorf. However, I have already worked for companies that were spread all over Germany. I am married, have three beautiful children, and a crazy dog. For this reason, I like to be outdoors and love long walks and hikes.

The emerging digitalization has very strongly influenced my professional career in the early 90s, and although I am a hydraulic engineer by training, I quickly moved towards IT. Initially quite close to my original training, I worked as a trainer for civil engineering and architecture software. After that, I worked in the CGI sector for many years, where I was responsible for AR, VR, and web projects.

Which areas, topics, and tasks are you responsible for at TYPO3 GmbH?

My area of responsibility is the project management within TYPO3 GmbH. Coordination of internal projects and resulting tasks, coordination between the internal operations team, and development team. Also, structuring and synchronization of responsibilities between TYPO3 GmbH and the community teams. 

What qualities should you have for a job in your profession?

I think you should bring a certain amount of composure to keep a close eye on the processes. Tasks are very diverse and to complete them you shouldn't lose sight of the overarching goals you planned to achieve.

How much experience and know-how can you bring in from your previous work as added value for TYPO3 GmbH?

Since I had to cover the entire range of tasks such as pre-sales, sales, and project management in my previous activities, I can easily incorporate these empirical values into future projects. Plus, I'm very familiar with the different perspectives in the definition of projects. 

Is the new area of responsibility a big challenge for you?

Yes and no. On the one hand, no, since I have always been familiar with the various tasks involved. On the other hand, yes, because a community project requires different perspectives and coordination than a customer project, but that is what makes it so appealing.

How easy was it for you to integrate into the TYPO3 team?

I can answer that in a nutshell - very easy!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

That is not so easy to answer, because I enjoy so many things. I think the open-minded team and the common goal to achieve something big for the TYPO3 project are my top two favorites. Collaborating with so many very different characters is a close third. I could point out a few more things, but to summarize: It is just so much fun to work here!

How would you describe the working atmosphere with us?

The working atmosphere is - due to the open approach, the willingness to support each other, and to achieve common goals - simply excellent!

How would you describe TYPO3 GmbH to your friends?

I might have to hold back a bit here with superlatives because otherwise, it might seem unbelievable, but after the first few weeks, I would call TYPO3 GmbH the “coolest shop” I have ever worked for, and that is no exaggeration.

The in-house language at TYPO3 GmbH is English, was that problematic for you?

Nope, not at all. 

We traditionally have dogs with us in the office. Did your Joshi settle in with us without any problems?

Sensational - and this is a great topic - he looks forward to coming to the office so much every morning that he is already waiting at the front door so you couldn't forget to take him with you - no more words needed.

But let's ask him about the topic himself. Joshi, how do you like TYPO3 GmbH?

“MLEM!" (wiggle wiggle)

Finally, the question, what is your outlook for the future?

My outlook for the future is to bring the company and the TYPO3 project forward with all my strength and to work on establishing TYPO3 more and more worldwide!


Thank you, Markus, for taking the time to introduce yourself to the community. We look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation.