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First Place for TYPO3’s Form Framework

Thanks to Sarah from TRITUM for sharing!

TRITUM is proud winner of the Thuringian Open Source Prize 2019, firstly awarded by ITnet Thüringen in the scope of IT-Exhibition in Erfurt. Our CTO Björn Jacob happily received the certificate from Thuringia’s economy minister Wolfgang Tiefensee on March 28, 2019. Additionally we received a monetary prize money of 7,500€ which directly funds further Open Source engagement of our team.

We could convince the judges with our innovative and determined work on TYPO3’s Form Framework. The Form Framework has been part of the TYPO3 Core for two years and enables editors to easily create forms in the TYPO3 backend - no programming skills required. Our solutions’ simplicity and flexibility delights operators, which is why user rates increased from 10 to 85 percent. TYPO3 Integrators and Developers also value the System Extension’s extendability.

Pioneers within the community

With the first place in the Thuringian Open Source Prize, we remain true to our status as pioneers. For years we have been Early Adopters within TYPO3’s ecosystem:

  • Björn was one of the first TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrators (2009) and TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultants (2017)
  • Ralf was one of the first TYPO3 CMS Certified Developers (2016)
  • TRITUM is the first German partner of TYPO3 GmbH
  • In our projects we like to use snapshots of the most current TYPO3 version. No LTS, we’re always up-to-date!
  • We are the first business-driven TYPO3 initiative fostering the development of the TYPO3 Form Framework. Other companies follow our lead.
  • We introduced new standards to the TYPO3 Core e.g. the usage of YAML.

Not only does our work include conceptual design, architecture, and development, but also the writing and maintenance of the very extensive documentation and tutorials. Apart from that, we support the TYPO3 community in the Slack channel #ext-form, on Stack Overflow, on barcamps, and through YouTube videos. Occasionally, this takes more time than the actual programming of the Form Framework itself.

A worthwhile investment

We estimate the originated investment cost at around 300,000€. We’re certain that our continuous investment is worthwhile not only for the TYPO3 community but also for us. Through the development of open source software of any kind, which is accessible and therefore rateable for anyone, we were able to increase our software quality within the company distinctly. Apropos of nothing, we adapted processes from the TYPO3 universe into our daily routines and, through this, were able to massively refine our mindset, our company culture, our workflows, and our team spirit. Björn used the laudation as an opportunity to motivate other entrepreneurs for working in open source projects.

A very special “thank you” goes out to the team behind the TYPO3 Form Framework - most of all Ralf and Andi for the development and Björn for coordination and documentation. Additionally the whole team of TRITUM deserves to be thanked. Not only did our colleagues continuously support the initiative’s work with reviews, ideas, designs, marketing records, and broad shoulders, but also kept us away from day-to-day business.

Second place of the prize went to Xeptance Software Technologies GmbH. Their representatives demanded that software, whose development is financed by tax money, should be available as free software. The campaign “Public Money? Public Code!” pursues this goal, which TRITUM also supports enthusiastically - not only with signatures.

We of TRITUM will continue our work on the TYPO3 Frame Framework in the future and have numerous ideas for the roadmap of TYPO3 v10 (release April 2020). From April 25-28 [2019, editor’s note] there is a TYPO3 Core Sprint in our office in Jena. We hope that the Thuringian Open Source Prize will also be awarded in the next year and already have ideas for potential projects.

Editor's note: This article was originally written in German and published on TRITUM's website.