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Digital Marketing with Mautic and TYPO3

Thanks to Heather from OSP for sharing!

Nurture relationships with potential customers who visit your website. A marketing automation system like Mautic gives you the information you need by connecting the dots between your website, and other digital marketing tools like lead generation tools and your CRM. Mautic is the only free and open source marketing automation tool, and there’s a powerful integration for TYPO3 CMS, thanks to a collaboration between the Mautic team, Bitmotion GmbH, and the day-to-day work of Jurian Janssen. Jurian built the implementation during an internship at TYPO3 GmbH and has since then gone on to join the Mautic core development team.

We got the chance to catch up with Jurian and find out more.

About Mautic - the only open source marketing automation system

Your marketing automation system is a central part of building relationships with your customers. From lead generation via landing pages to lead nurturing with automated and targeted emails, your marketing automation tool can boost sales by delivering the right message to the right customers at the right time. Mautic offers digital marketers a brilliant feature set; including social monitoring, lead scoring, campaign management, targeted emails, lead generation forms, landing pages, asset management, reports, audience segmentation, and multi-channel communications.

Because it’s open source, Mautic offers the flexibility and openness of an open source solution.

Tell us a bit about yourself and this project

My name is Jurian Janssen. I’m a software developer and I’ve recently been busy developing the Mautic extension for TYPO3. I started getting into this world about three years ago when I did my first internship. The project there was to create an integration between Mautic forms and TYPO3 forms.

My passion for the system grew until I was eventually invited into the core team of Mautic, which means I contribute to the core code of Mautic on a regular basis. From there, I went on to create—together with a lot of great colleagues in Germany and the Netherlands—the current Mautic extension for TYPO3 CMS.

What does Mautic offer for digital marketers?

Mautic has all the classic features of a marketing automation solution, lead generation, lead segmentation, forms, stages, landing pages, etc, but it’s free to use.

Mautic has no direct competitor among the CRM and marketing automation software options on the market. It is the only free and open source solution. Large enterprises have spent a fortune on these tools until now, but they have been out of reach for small and medium-sized businesses. Mautic opens up new possibilities for these organizations.

How does this integration work?

The integration allows digital marketers to use marketing data from Mautic in their TYPO3 content. You connect your TYPO3 website to gain insights from your Mautic instance.

Content elements in TYPO3 can be shown or hidden depending on the marketing state—where they are on a defined buyer’s journey—of the person viewing the page. A user’s behavior on the website will affect what content they will see next, or which content will be recommended, or shown more and/or less prominently.

Furthermore, forms are now uniform across both platforms. Editors in TYPO3 will no longer have to maintain a parallel form on the Mautic side. Creating, editing or deleting a form in TYPO3 will automatically perform the same action in Mautic. You can send data from forms on your TYPO3 website directly to Mautic. Forms can now also be directly used to create contacts or companies in Mautic.

What are some things that surprise or delight new Mautic users?

Mautic’s interface is very easy to use. There is nothing more annoying for a marketer than an interface with lots of buttons and fields they do not need or do not know what they are about. Mautic tries to keep things clean and focused. A simple and clean interface for the user, without confusing them at first sight.

How does the TYPO3 CMS help digital marketers?

TYPO3 has always had the advantage that it doesn’t put content into pages or posts, but rather into individual, semantically meaningful content elements—e.g. title, text, image, phone number, caption, etc. This helps editors and marketers alike to clearly separate, reuse, and present pieces of content in various formats and channels.

With the Mautic integration, these content elements can be ranked, shown or hidden on pages depending on a given user’s interests or marketing segment. It allows marketers to target content more accurately to different audiences on the website.

Learn more about Mautic

TYPO3 GmbH is continually building products, services, and integrations that enable the TYPO3 community to grow and expand its capabilities. This integration with Mautic brings another powerful open source platform closer to TYPO3 to extend the digital marketing capabilities of your websites and web applications.

Like TYPO3, Mautic is supported by a company that offers services and support for users. is a cloud-hosted platform, so you can get started quickly and securely. For small and medium-sized businesses, the option to have someone else manage your Mautic instances can be a big help, especially with support and an SLA to back it up.

Try Mautic out right now in the free sandbox!

Watch Jurian talking about Mautic Marketing Automation in this 8-minute video:


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