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Congratulations to the TYPO3 Award Winners 2019!

TYPO3 Awards: A Winning Site!

On 17 October 2019, the TYPO3 Project celebrated community excellence at the TYPO3 Awards ceremony, part of the annual TYPO3 Conference. Websites and their creators won awards in a range of categories, showing off the capabilities of TYPO3’s vibrant professional ecosystem. More details about the event coming soon: event wrap-up, talk recordings, and more—stay tuned! 

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Thank you for a year of great work!

It’s important to stop every now and then and celebrate what we and our colleagues do and the power of what we have created with our contributions to open-source software. 

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted their project for consideration. To give the jury an overall impression of what we were assessing and the work that went into them, the submissions included project details, screenshots, PDFs, and presentations.

In 2018, we received 46 submissions–here are the 2018 winners. This year, we had a massive 194 submissions across 15 categories, with two special awards. The jury whittled these down to five finalist nominees and one winner per category. Our judging was based on reviewing how each submission met criteria, including technical, subjective, and business aspects of the projects, depending on the specific category. Thank you to my expert colleagues in the Jury who generously offered their time and expertise in reviewing all of the submissions.

And the winner is ...

The TYPO3 Award categories reflect the versatility of TYPO3 CMS as it’s used in different verticals and industries, and for organizations of many sizes. Congratulations to all TYPO3 Award Winners of 2019

And the overall winner, the Website of the Year went to Zdreicom AG for the website.

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TYPO3 Community Personality of the Year

The TYPO3 Association also awarded the TYPO3 Personality of the Year prize to Daniel Homorodean. Daniel’s outstanding contributions to TYPO3 have included his outreach work organizing the TYPO3 Eastern Europe Conference, helping the Government of Rwanda upgrade its web infrastructure, and more. His work increases access to TYPO3 by sharing skills and knowledge with a wider audience. It’s great to see such recognition for community involvement. Unfortunately, Daniel couldn’t be present at the event, but Olivier Dobberkau, the TYPO3 Association President, gave a laudatio, praising his enthusiasm and energy. You can also read about Daniel’s adventures at the CMS Summit Africa, where he wrote about growing TYPO3 in Africa with stronger connections and education.

A Winning Site!

When I was asked to host the award ceremony, I was thinking would take a while to give out 17 awards, and thank and praise all the winners as they deserve … all while keeping the rest of the attendees interested. Luckily, there was a fantastic catering team, plus an excellent DJ and live saxophone who spiced up the presentation breaks with great food, drink, and music! I also had the advantage of a co-host at my side to keep the energy up on stage, fellow jury member, Robert Douglass.

And we had one more ace up our sleeve. In his post about hosting the ceremony, he wrote about how we came up with the closing song, “A Winning Site,” a parody version of “A Whole New World,” from the Aladdin films:

“By customizing a well-loved song with words specific to software and web development (i.e. we fork the song), we feel we can reach the audience at a deep emotional level, and that this contributes to the sense of community and passion for the software.”  

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The event couldn’t have happened without support from the TYPO3 Association. If you’re not already a member and your work relies on TYPO3, now would be a great time to show your support by signing up for membership.

Photo credits: Manon van de Laar


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