March 2018

Mark Your Calendar! TYPO3 Events in Q2 2018 and Beyond

Events and conferences are an invaluable opportunity for meeting like-minded people, establishing new business relationships and for gaining knowledge. To keep up with planned activities and find ones you’d like to attend, check out our list of upcoming events!

TYPO3 on Amazon Web Services - Part 2

The previous part of this guest article focused on the machine images available at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and the benefits of cloud-based TYPO3 hosting with AWS generally. This part explains how to launch a machine image with TYPO3 pre-installed and which other services can make a TYPO3 site highly available, scalable and blazing fast.

TYPO3 ELTS 6.2.36 Security and Maintenance Release

Have you stayed on top of maintenance and updates for your TYPO3 instance? If you’re still running version 6.2 you can gain peace of mind by opting for Extended Long Term Support (ELTS). Last week ELTS version 6.2.36 was released.

TYPO3 on Amazon Web Services - Part 1

Running mission critical web applications in "the cloud" is nothing extraordinary today anymore and as the market leader, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud computing platforms and services in many regions across the globe. Learn more about the benefits, costs and typical use cases of cloud-based TYPO3 hosting at AWS in part one of a two-part-series.

IT Security Act: Software Updates Are Now Required by Law in Germany

Safeguarding critical information technology has been mandatory in Germany since 2017. With the coming into force of the IT Security Act, website owners have to ensure that websites are safe at all times. If you’re running an outdated TYPO3 version, consider opting for Extended Long Term Support.

How DKD Guarantee Success With TYPO3

Søren Schaffstein of DKD shares business development tips for TYPO3. Learn how to leverage the partnership program to raise your agency’s profile and build trust with decision makers.

Hat Tip to TYPO3 Coders - February 2018

Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TYPO3 CMS over the last month. No doubt about it, you coders rock! You’ve done an amazing number of contributions. Check our list for names and numbers.