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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Software for Your Enterprise

You want to use the best software for your enterprise—everyone does. But what is “the best”? Some jump into buying software without thoroughly weighing up the options and it’s easy to understand why. Comparing and selecting software can be bewildering and time consuming. But choosing the right enterprise software doesn’t have to be complicated. Before taking the plunge, take these 6 aspects into consideration. We hope they’re helpful in making the right decision!

1. Use software that has stood the test of time.

Time is often the best indicator of overall performance. Some technologies come and go. Software that’s remained useful and popular over a long period of time is likely to continue to prove its value.

2. Don’t get fooled by design trends.

It can be easy to get swept up with what looks cool at the moment. But if you commit too heavily to design trends you risk making your website look outdated pretty fast. The crux of digital trends is that they come quickly and they pass just as quickly. You don’t want to be having your website redesigned every year, it’d drive you nuts.

3. Use software that's developed with growth in mind.

Additional features and functionalities for your website - like a blog, feedback forms, password areas, or an online shop - should be available and easy to handle. As your enterprises grows and your needs expand, you’ll want to add components to your site in full confidence that the result will be a smooth-working, integrated system.

When using TYPO3, these features are referred to as extensions. Other software makers may call them modules or plugins. Extensions are hooked into the core, adding specific features and functionalities to a website. The TYPO3 Extension Repository offers a convenient place to browse the collection. And if the function you’re looking for isn’t available there, you can have it made by a developer. Being open source software, TYPO3 comes with full access to the source code and unlimited customizability.

TYPO3 extensions are much like Lego bricks in that they come in a variety of forms for different purposes and can easily be connected and disconnected to the software.

You can build things in any way you wish, one piece at a time. And you can start all over and build a different website. The possibilities are endless.

4. Don’t make your system vulnerable!

The most important reason to keep your website up-to-date is to keep it safe from known security holes and other critical issues. There are flaws with any software system and it’s only a matter of time before someone discovers them. Updating your software will also often provide feature and speed enhancements.

Updates should be on the business agenda before trouble comes your way. And updates should also be part of the software maker’s operational schedule. Is your software predictable? If you’re using TYPO3 CMS, check the roadmap for details on scheduled releases.

5. Use software that's developed with the future in mind.

You need to know the official release cycle of the software you’re using to be able to plan ahead. And if upgrades are no longer being delivered for your CMS, you’ll need to make a decision, because doing nothing could mean risking the loss of your site. You may want to migrate to another system.

If you’re using TYPO3 CMS, the roadmap also includes overall goals as well as a calendar with release dates.

6. Use open source software!

A popular open source software that’s easy to modify makes sense for most businesses.

By choosing an open source content management system like TYPO3 CMS, you’ll have a functional website up and running pretty quickly. As you have access to the source code, you’ll be able to adapt the software to best suit your needs. This will make it much easier to tweak the content and design, both for you and your web developer.

Take action based on farsighted decision making. Using a software system that’s supported by an active open source community and commercial support offerings can take you far. Feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance!


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