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Website support for hs21 university portal with TYPO3

The web portal scores with security and performance despite lots of content

Technology Focus
Multilingual, LDAP
Project Focus

High-performance information and registration portal

The university 21 in the Hanseatic city of Buxtehude offers students and companies an extensive information and registration portal - the CMS in the background must be correspondingly performant and always up-to-date. For this, 3m5. offers professional support: we have been continuously developing the portal in terms of security, performance and databases since 2018. A specialized team exclusively takes care of TYPO3 upgrades.


Third-party systems and Solr as a search

Several third-party systems are connected to the web portal of hochschule21, including an intranet for students and employees, a mail system, the library, and Studinet. The LDAP extension allows university employees to edit their own profile page on the website in the frontend. For searching the site, Solr was integrated, which searches thousands of pages in milliseconds and enables full-text search, search word highlighting, auto-completion, and synonym support, among other features.


Keeping projects up to date and secure

3m5. project manager Stefan Jahn explains: "3m5. not only launches new web projects for customers, but also takes care of long-standing existing projects like this one. To do this, we work our way into existing source code and develop projects successfully and professionally.

Schedule when content goes online and offline

Scheduling content ahead of time can be complicated and time-consuming. Your organization might need to plan for special events around the holidays or sales campaigns in the summer, with multiple pieces of content that need to go up or down at different points in a day. With TYPO3 you can select the exact time and date you want to publish content or take it offline. You can also publish multiple pieces of content at once, or schedule individual content elements within a page. Optimize your publishing workflow by using TYPO3’s scheduling capabilities.

Fast and relevant search results

When searching for content on your website, end-users need fast, relevant, and up-to-date results. TYPO3’s enterprise search functionality offers a faceted, drill-down search that integrates with Solr and ElasticSearch. Content Editors can analyze search results to optimize content and improve end users’ experience. TYPO3 provides powerful search functionality that leads users to the right content, quickly.

Deliver blazingly fast content

As your website scales and expands, you need to rely on infrastructure that accommodates new page visitors and traffic spikes. TYPO3’s infrastructure comes with great caching, upstream proxy services, and support for cloud storage, CDNs, and cloud-hosting services like Kubernetes or your provider of choice. Your organization can scale quickly and cost-effectively with TYPO3—get ready for traffic spikes, stress-free

User Access Management helps users embody their roles

It’s difficult to maintain consistent governance—access, approvals, and quality assurance—across various content, sites, and assets. TYPO3 is natively equipped with consistent governance across all content within the platform. Fine-grained permissions enable editor productivity through an optimal and customized workflow. TYPO3 supports and melds with your company’s processes.

Security is the top priority

Your team shouldn’t have to find out about security issues in the news after it’s too late to do anything, and your IT team should be able to rely on your CMS to address any sudden security issues. TYPO3’s proactive security team has a proven track record of rapid incident response and follows the best industry practices for communication, fixing security issues, and releasing fixes quickly. With a proven track record for handling even the highest-risk, enterprise-level challenges, you can trust that TYPO3 makes security its top priority. 

Respect user privacy

If your organization handles sensitive user data, your internal and external users alike must trust that you’re keeping them secure. With the TYPO3 CMS, you can schedule stored data for deletion or cleanup and automate security processes around privacy to prevent human error from unveiling sensitive data.  TYPO3 respects user privacy and sensitive information by design. 

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