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Why TYPO3 CMS Is Great for Enterprises

With more than half a million websites built with TYPO3 CMS across the world, including a significant number of higher education websites and global players like Lufthansa, Sony Entertainment Network and Hankook, it’s clear that it’s a powerhouse content management system (CMS).

Over the past years, there’s been a large scale shift towards open source software (OSS). While the idea that OSS is free has always been a myth–open source requires implementation, maintenance and operational costs–purposely choosing open source can have a number of benefits for your business. One of the main strengths is that it’s designed with the idea that the program’s source code is openly available. Anyone can use it, contribute to it and modify it. It’s adjustable to fit unique requirements.

Open source software is about gaining control over your digital world and is a matter of liberty, not price. Choosing open source software like TYPO3 CMS can provide your business with a truly powerful website.

One of the reasons TYPO3 CMS is good choice for large businesses and organizations is because it’s open source software.

4 reasons why open source software (OSS) is an excellent choice for enterprises

  1. OSS supports innovation.
    Having access to the source code leads to a lack of constraints and the door for creative new uses is wide open. This speaks to a mindset that resonates with many individuals and attracts bright software developers with ideals like community engagement and collaboration. The open source approach has proven to be effective for innovation, and today many leading edge software technologies are driven by open source communities.

  2. Security is one of open source software’s greatest strengths.
    There is no such thing as bug-free code and open source software is not immune to security issues. But it does have the potential to be safer than its closed source counterpart. It may seem paradox, but source code being visible to others strengthens its security.
    OSS is constantly under peer review by a community of experts, all of whom count on the same source code to keep their businesses running securely and efficiently. Thanks to the large number of users and contributors who maintain the code, security vulnerabilities often surface immediately and can be dealt with swiftly, as the code is accessible.

  3. Vendor lock-in…on your terms and with an immediate return on investment!
    Vendor lock-in is about being so dependent on a vendor that you can’t move to another vendor without substantial costs. In theory, open source software has no vendor lock-in. But in the real world, there’s no such thing as a lock-in-free existence. At least not for enterprises. Enterprises don’t go into production on a specific software one month and replace it the next one with a different software. It just doesn't happen.
    The nature of software customization is such, that the decision to use one technology is costly and therefore a long-term commitment. You need professionals to get the system customized to your wishes and this takes both time and money.
    The point is that with open source software, the nature of the lock-in is different than with proprietary software. It comes with the freedom to customize the software on your terms. This way, you get an immediate return on investment, as you can get the software deliver on the parameters you want it to.

  4. Wide range of options for technical support.
    The accessible nature of OSS attracts a bunch of skilled software developers which generally means that there are also a large number of qualified web agencies that work with the software. As a business, you have more options when looking for a partner for your project.
    There’s also a community behind every OSS, and underlying most OSS systems there’s free community support. Check the website of the system to find out exactly what options you have. TYPO3 CMS uses Slack as a team collaboration tool.

Your business wants a website that offers more features and is more interactive? There’s a lot to take into consideration! Comparing software leads to better and more adequate decision making. TYPO3 CMS boasts all of the benefits of OSS and amplifies them. The contributing community is strong and dedicated. Contributors follow clearly defined coding standards to ensure that the code works, and that it works well.

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