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What Versions of TYPO3 Run on Which Versions of PHP?

January 2024: This article is regularly updated to reflect the release cycles of both TYPO3 LTS and PHP versions.

TYPO3 has one of the longest supported maintenance windows of any CMS on the market. But for some older versions of PHP and TYPO3, those windows are closing soon.  If any of the software you rely on is approaching its “end-of-life” (EOL), it’s time to make a decision about your next steps to keep your sites secure and legally compliant. With ELTS we offer you support that goes beyond the LTS timeframe.

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Out of date software puts the pressure on to upgrade

W3Techs reports that of all websites running as of November 2023, 47.3% are running on an version 7 of PHP, potentially exposing thousands of sites to vulnerabilities. How many of those are built on TYPO3 CMS? TYPO3 Version Statistics published a report in September 2023 with a scan of 229,000 TYPO3 websites. 

The survey discovered approximately 12.57% of sites were running TYPO3 v8.7, which is unsupported and potentially a risk for site owners. 12.49% of sites were running TYPO3 v9.5, which only runs on an unsupported version of PHP. You can see why our TYPO3 digital agency partners are urging their customers to get their sites up to date, secure, and compliant. 

Let’s have a look at what this means.

What does “supported version” mean?

“Officially supported” software has, at a minimum, a team of developers ready to assess and patch (fix) bugs or security issues that arise. This is not only a peace-of-mind factor or nice-to-have for IT governance. It is also essential for compliance with laws and regulations around data privacy and security.  GDPR and similar regulations require the use of up-to-date software. 

A supported version of open-source software means that as bugs and security issues are discovered, they get fixed. Naturally, the number of versions that can be maintained is limited. Over time, older versions usually move into a phase where the updates are limited to only the most critical issues before they finally reach “EOL.”

The PHP community moves versions from an “Active Support” phase, where that version of PHP receives both bugs and security fixes, to a “Security Fixes Only” phase, during which only fixes for critical security issues are addressed. 

Each new version of TYPO3 CMS commences with a series of sprint releases to add new features, improvements, and deprecations. The launch of the LTS version begins the period of “long term support,” that lasts three years. During this maintenance period of the LTS the TYPO3 Core Team will produce regular bug-fix updates and security fixes as needed. They support two versions at any given time—the current LTS release and the previous one. See: Maintenance Releases for the current schedule.

After this three-year support window, TYPO3 GmbH offers the program of Extended Long Term Support for an additional three years. This paid support extends the potential supported lifecycle of a TYPO3 site, increasing the ROI value of the investment while giving companies time to decide what their next step should be.

Keeping track and matching up the various versions of software could be confusing. Our partner, created a table showing which TYPO3, PHP, and MySQL versions fit together.

Enhancing PHP Development: Community Contributions and Recent Successes

In June 2024, Sebastian Bergmann, the creator of PHPUnit, shared exciting news about a collaborative fix involving the TYPO3 core team. This breakthrough not only resolves a critical issue but also underscores the vibrant synergy within the TYPO3 community. Check out the interview (starting at 13:49) below to hear more about this remarkable teamwork.

What versions of PHP are supported by TYPO3?

When you compare the supported versions of TYPO3 and PHP, you can see that TYPO3 v9 & v10 no longer have a supported PHP version. 

This means if you’re running a TYPO3 v10 site or older, it’s time to update to TYPO3 v12. And if you’re running TYPO3 v11, now would be a good time to start considering the next steps.

PHP Compatibility Chart

Note that PHP 8.1 is in “Security fixes only” at the time of updating this article (January 2024). For reference, see: 

It’s time to take action.

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