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TYPO3 v12.1 - Together As One

TYPO3 - feature highlights in v12.1 

TYPO3 v12.1 contains a number of new features including changes to backend search, how users preview content and new tools to help administrators manage user access for multiple file mounts.

Developers can now also integrate TYPO3 with third-party solutions using the new Reactions module that enables TYPO3 to respond to incoming webhook calls.

Finding pages and content is even easier with the improved backend search tool 

As your site grows with more pages, content and files being added; finding the exact page or file can become time consuming. v12.1 features major changes to the backend search tool including a new search modal and support for keyboard shortcuts. When you begin typing, TYPO3 now automatically starts searching in real time and returns your results straight away.

You can also tell TYPO3 to only search for specific types of content. Either by selecting your content type in the search menu or by adding a prefix tag to your search query. For example, you can now add a #page tag to only search against page records.

Preview images with the new ‘Tiles’ view in Filelist

TYPO3’s Filelist now comes with two different options to preview content. The existing List view continues to show various information about a file, including its name, size and type.

The new “Tiles” option was created with content editors in mind and makes it easier to preview and find images by using large thumbnails that are arranged in a grid. Switching back to the list view is done by using the new “View” menu that lets you quickly switch between the two options.

Compare access and permissions with the new submodule for Filemounts

Managing multiple accounts with different permissions in the backend can be a challenge, especially when it comes to comparing permissions and granting access rights for a large number of users. 

v12.1 ships with a range of new features that enable administrators to view and compare both users and groups to see exactly what access they have in the Filelist module.

TYPO3 can now intercept webhooks calls using Reactions

With "Reactions," it is now possible to configure TYPO3 to respond to incoming webhook calls. Version 12.1 now features a new backend module that allows TYPO3 integrators and website administrators to configure Reactions. This makes it very easy to integrate TYPO3 into low-code environments and include the system in a deployment or data pipeline.

Practical use cases for Reactions are almost limitless, as TYPO3 provides an API that allows developers to create custom solutions. Integrations with systems like Zapier are now readily available. The updated TYPO3 documentation describes how Reactions can be implemented.

Find out more about v12.1

For a technical breakdown and to find out about some of the other new features coming in version 12.1 visit the announcement for v12.1

Read the official TYPO3 v12.1 LTS release announcement.

Getting ready for version 12 LTS

Version 12.1 is the second feature release on the way to the LTS release which is scheduled to launch in late April 2023. Visit the roadmap to find out more.




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