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TYPO3 Online Days 2021

Last year, we hosted the TYPO3 Online Days with seven separate events and 24 outstanding speakers over six months.

We were pleased to create such a large number of events where we could share and expand our knowledge, and at the same time, we are proud of the great response from our colleagues, sponsors, and the community.


Why TYPO3 Online Days?

The main goal of the TYPO3 Online Days was to bring the product closer to the audience and show all the advantages of working with TYPO3 CMS.

Sometimes customers think that TYPO3 CMS is only suitable for companies and big agencies.

The reality is that you get a scalable high-quality website with a wide range of content implementation options suitable for projects large and small. As our users already know, after creating a TYPO3 website, you no longer have any reason to search for a better CMS.


Event Highlights

In the seven event days all advantages, ideas, solutions, and even some tricks were explained in detail by TYPO3 professionals.

In the following few lines, you can find a summary for the event subjects and corresponding YouTube links for the event days:


Event Day 7



It was a pleasure to host the Online Days at our headquarters. We had the opportunity to meet and greet some of our community members and look forward to meeting you all again soon.

We would like to thank all of our attendees, sponsors, and the entire community for joining us on this incredible journey in 2021. It was a lot of fun and we are very proud that the TYPO3 Online Days were such a success. 

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