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TYPO3 ELTS Release Version 6.2.38

Staying on top of maintenance and using supported software for your web instance is crucial, and knowing that it is running securely is the most important question of all. Last Thursday, the TYPO3 security team and the TYPO3 core team published security releases for all currently supported TYPO3 branches (TYPO3 versions 9.3.1, 8.7.17 and 7.6.30). As the currently maintained ELTS branch was also affected, the TYPO3 GmbH team also released Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) version 6.2.38 on the same day.

New ELTS release for TYPO3 version 6.2

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of TYPO3 ELTS 6.2.38. As always, the main focus of the ELTS release is to keep the instance stable and the backend running smoothly, regardless of current browsers changing their behaviour in the course of time.

ELTS subscribers are encouraged to update their instances to the most recent version. If you need assistance in this, please use the Service Desk at in order to get support.

To minimize vulnerability for TYPO3 6.2 web instances “out in the wild” without ELTS coverage, we will not provide details for the fixes that come with this release so as not to endanger these instances.

No ELTS subscription yet, but still on version TYPO3 6.2?

Are you still running your web instance with TYPO3 6.2? If so, consider opting for Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) to keep it as secure as possible with security fixes.

Read on to find out more about TYPO3’s support policy. And if you’re interested in purchasing one of the three different ELTS packages on offer, then follow the link at the bottom of the page to find out more about your options and choose the package that best meets your needs.

General information on TYPO3’s clear support cycle policy

What is LTS?

LTS stands for Long Term Support and every major TYPO3 version is a LTS one. TYPO3 has clearly defined update and support cycles. A new major version of TYPO3 is released every 18 months and the TYPO3 Community supports each of these for three years with (free) security and bug fix releases.

This means that the TYPO3 core is officially supported for two major releases (at the time of this writing that’s version 7 and 8), plus the next LTS version that’s being developed (now version 9). When the next major version - TYPO3 version 9 - is released this autumn, TYPO3 version 7 will be marked unsupported by the community. Check out the TYPO3 roadmap for more details:

When a Long Term Support version reaches end of (free) service after three years, you need to update or relaunch your web application to a newer version. You may find you need extended support: ELTS, a commercial offering of the TYPO3 GmbH.

What is ELTS?

ELTS stands for Extended Long Term Support. Sometimes there are good reasons for sticking to an older version, and that doesn’t have to be a problem. Maybe your TYPO3 web instance is still delivering everything you need. Or maybe the update of your website is taking longer than expected. One thing has to be a top priority at all times, and that’s staying on top of maintenance and security updates.

Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) lets you prolong the lifespan of your web application for up to 36 months in a safe and secure way and is always available for the most recent unsupported LTS version.

TYPO3 CMS version 6.2 was officially marked unsupported on March 31, 2017 when TYPO3 version 8.7 was released. If you’re still running TYPO3 version 6, TYPO3 GmbH offers commercial support with its Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) program. Each ELTS package is valid for 12 months and ELTS for version 6 will wind down in March 2020.

When the next major TYPO3 LTS version 9.5 gets released this autumn, version 7.6 will be officially marked unsupported. ELTS for version 7 will then be available.