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SkillDisplay - Part II: The Who, Why, and What of the TCCE Workshop

Thanks to Christina from SkillDisplay for sharing!

This is part II of IV in our series about the steps we’re taking to further enhance education within the TYPO3 sector.

Topics covered in this series are:

Our last post was about the content phase within the Erasmus+ programme.

The content phase is used to:

  • create skills for certifications

  • upload the new skills on the SkillDisplay platform

  • update learning materials

As you may have noticed, we - that’s members of the TYPO3 Education Committee, TYPO3 GmbH and SkillDisplay - recently met up in Düsseldorf to discuss details of the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (TCCE) and next steps. Thanks ever so much for hosting us so well! The results of the TCCE workshop will be shared in the 4th part of this series, “Presentation of the workshop results”.

Today we’d like to share a few photos taken at the workshop as well as background information on the partners and their roles!

Part II: The partners and their roles

What is the purpose of the TYPO3 Education Committee?

First of all, we’d like to mention that the Education Team is a team of volunteers. They get their work for TYPO3 done in their free time! The main objective of the TYPO3 Education Committee is to create an education strategy, allowing TYPO3 beginners and community members to access TYPO3 related learning in a more comfortable way. The committee also manages the TYPO3 certification program.

The TYPO3 Certification Team aims to develop a global standard in TYPO3 certifications. The certification program has the goal to fit the requirements of the certified people and the companies and organisations that employ them.

The Certification Team and the Education Team collaborate to generate learning materials to support future exam candidates and improve the process altogether.

What is the role of TYPO3 GmbH?

The TYPO3 GmbH is the commercial arm of TYPO3 and offers a full range of services that include a partner program, TYPO3 Project Reviews and Service Level Agreements. They also play an active role in all of the TYPO3 community events by giving talks, offering workshops and helping if anyone needs assistance.

Furthermore, TYPO3 GmbH organizes code sprints throughout Europe which help to improve TYPO3 as well as educating developers. Everyone who’s interested in TYPO3 can take part. They also offer an on-the-job training for junior developers where they learn a lot by working together with experienced team members.

Considering all this, the team of SkillDisplay suggested an important step to further professionalise the certification creation process, namely to include a representative of the TYPO3 GmbH for review and feedback purposes.

What is SkillDisplay’s role?

In this setup, the SkillDisplay team is the expert for certification procedures. We help TYPO3 to organise workshops. Together we are creating a high-quality level and a reproducible measurability of the exam. This workflow was suggested by SkillDisplay to assist our partners as much as we can. In the course of the Erasmus+ project, and together with the TYPO3 GmbH as well as the Education Team, we’re trying out the workflow, which leads us to the next point: the certification workflow.

The SkillDisplay team aids its certification partners at structuring and improving their certifications in order to make them accessible, measurable and to ensure quality. For this purpose we have created a new exam creation workflow, as well as moderating a couple of workshops.

Now you know our goals for the TYPO3 certification process and our partners with whom we cooperate to achieve them. Join us next time for an in-depth look at the certification creation workflow in Part III of our short series on certification creation.


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