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SkillDisplay - Part I: Further Improving Education Within the TYPO3 Sector

Thanks to Christina from SkillDisplay for sharing!

Last year a new TYPO3 version was released – the most recent long-term support (LTS) version 8 has been available since April 2017 and will be supported for the coming three years. New features include a new rich text editor for text input and image processing for responsive images.

Certifications don’t grow on (skill) trees - but they benefit from them

Wait...what? In a nutshell: our work - together with other TYPO3 experts from the TYPO3 GmbH as well as the TYPO3 Education Committee - consists of supporting and spicing up the certification creation process.

One of the new steps introduced by the partnership with SkillDisplay is the creation of a SkillTree (identifying needed skills for a certification and revealing connections between them) based on the existing content for the certification.

After creating the tree, a SkillPath (i.e. a route through the SkillTree) is defined.

These new features help to:

  • Increase accessibility of certifications for the community

  • Help to ensure certification quality (at creation and when introducing a new LTS version)

  • Chart community knowledge (perhaps the best candidate for your new junior dev position is already learning at an educational institute next to you)

Right at this moment the SkillDisplay team is at the TYPO3 headquarters in Düsseldorf to update the existing SkillPath for editors for LTS8. SkillPaths for integrators and developers will be established in the next four months.

Topics covered:

Part I - Content phase - Erasmus+

The TYPO3 GmbH, together with SkillDisplay and our other partners, are part of the Erasmus+ programme. We decided to run through a phase, where we’d like to showcase how SkillDisplay can support certifiers to increase the quality of the certification and content itself. We have already reached this phase, which will extend over the whole year.

The content phase consists of:

  • creation of skills for certifications

  • upload of the new skills on the SkillDisplay platform

  • updates of learning contents

The skill creation will take part in a number of TYPO3 Education Sprints, one of which is taking place right now. Afterwards the new skills will be uploaded on the SkillDisplay platform, which will happen in February. The last step (a review of the skills presented on the platform, in regards to a new TYPO3 version) will proceed when the new certification is released, which will be in about one year’s time.

But it’s not only the TYPO3 GmbH and SkillDisplay. We also have the TYPO3 Education Committee on board. Have you ever wondered who these groups of people are and who’s responsible for TYPO3 education and certificates? We will introduce them and their roles in the TYPO3 world in our next post. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for part two!


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