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SkillDisplay - Erasmus+ Programme

Thanks to Christina from SkillDisplay for sharing!

We are proud to announce that TYPO3 GmbH and SkillDisplay have been approved by the Erasmus+ programme along with four other partners of ours! Of course not only we, but also you - the TYPO3 community - will benefit from the programme. As an Erasmus+ facilitated project, we can now improve the SkillDisplay platform even further. Read on and find out more about the Erasmus+ programme and how you will benefit from our future plans!

This blog post covers the following topics:

  • Erasmus+ programme and partners

  • How will the TYPO3 community benefit?

Erasmus+ Programme and our partners

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sports. Its aim is to modernise education, training and youth work across Europe by granting activities in these fields. The programme offers opportunities for individuals as well as organisations. During the course of our project, we are partnering up with educational institutions and companies around Europe:

  • TYPO3 GmbH (Germany): The service company behind TYPO3.

  • Reelworx GmbH (Austria): A company which specialises on implementing TYPO3 based solutions.

  • SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd. (Cyprus): A pioneering organisation which initiates and implements projects of positive social impact.

  • HTL Wien 3 Rennweg (Austria): The higher technical education facility Rennweg in Vienna is a secondary school, providing education in the fields of information technologies and mechatronics.

  • Liceul Tehnologic Grigore Moisil Braila (Romania): A secondary school in Braila, offering education in technology, economics, tourism and hygiene.

With SkillDisplay acting as the project lead, we jointly applied for “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”. We are very happy to have been chosen from a very competitive field and are looking forward to a great project start!

How will the TYPO3 community benefit?

In our last post, we explained what personas are, how to create and use them, and also created some “learner” personas as an example. We also took a closer look at educators, business persons and certifiers. In order to improve the platform we’ve now created stamps in different colours which we will use for blog posts, social media messages, etc.. This way, you’ll only get content which is interesting and relevant for you.

The four colours are:


Can you remember Noah?

He is an 17 years old student, who is a TYPO3 newbie and is learning TYPO3 at school and wants to do the Editor Certification and needs to practise a lot.

Learners want to …

… be able to solve problems on their own, e.g. if they want to obtain a certification or create a website for a project.

Noah’s goal is to pass the TCCE (TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor).

… access quality material. The learner gets an overview, by whom and how the certification is created and how many people have used the learning material. To keep the content up-to-date, it will be reviewed and updated.

Noah wants to learn for the certification with the best learning material he can get.

… experience progress. Abilities can be checked regularly. Where is the learner at the moment, how much has he already achieved and what are the next goals?

Noah is a very motivated student, he always wants to know how much he still has to learn before taking the exam.

… display their abilities, as evidenced by our platform “SkillDisplay”. Learners can display their strengths and share their skills on social media or export them to a curriculum.

As Noah wants to work in the TYPO3 sector as soon as he has graduated, he wants to show future employers, what he can do.


SkillDisplay aims to create specifically engineered learning modules for use by teachers which will be developed in close cooperation with employers and industry representatives and will be available on the platform.

Educators want to…

… be able to integrate external resources smoothly into their teaching style. Economically relevant content and up-to-date material will raise the quality of their classes. Students should be prepared in the best way for their future.

… approve the knowledge of their students. Students get motivated when teachers verify their abilities. Of course students can get grades like schools require it by using this functionality.

The approved knowledge of a user on the SkillDisplay platform should automatically be reflected.

… gain reputation by offering efficient training. They get the possibility to show that their students are the best and that reflects on them as teachers.

Business Persons

One of the main outputs is the creation and refinement of the SkillDisplay platform as a hosted service. SkillDisplay should be hosted by cloud-based hosting providers.

Business Persons want to…

… assess /review the abilities of their workforce and people on the job market. By knowing the strengths of their employees, business persons are able to profit by deploying the right person to the right working position.

… educate their employees. Employers can approve and track the skills of their employees. The learning progress inside the company should be easily displayable.

… select or create specific skills for internal use in their company, which we call “tailored learning”, so that a selection of existing public skills can be picked and an internal SkillPath can be created with them. Also the ability to add non-public, internal skills is planned.


Certifiers want to…

… increase accessibility. They can show users where they can obtain recommended learning material. Of course, they want learners to use their technology and educate existing users.

… ensure certification quality. They can improve the structure and enhance the quality of their certification. Certifications then become measurable and increase in reputation by perceived quality.

… chart community knowledge of their product by obtaining statistics. There will be an overview about where the product is being used. Showing users how many people are proficient with the product will enlarge the community.

In order to further evaluate the platform and increase its use for the whole SkillDisplay community, one of our goals is to gather feedback, evaluate it accordingly and take it into consideration in order to improve the platform for everybody.

Who of these stakeholders are you? A learner, an educator, a business person or a certifier? Watch out for your colour and find out more about the topics on Facebook, Twitter and our website! If you want to learn something new, register on our SkillDisplay platform and check out the available SkillPaths! If you want to become our partner in one of the other three sectors (Educator, Business Person or Certifier), feel free to contact the SkillDisplay team for more information and how to become partners with us!