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SkillDisplay - Be Part of Closed Beta

Thanks to Christina from SkillDisplay for sharing.

Hard facts: You have four more days to decide whether you want to join Closed Beta. Everyone can easily join, just log in within the next four days. By being a part of Closed Beta, your user account will preserve, otherwise, it will be deleted. Of course you can create a new account after Closed Beta ends, but your achievements will not be transferred. Log in here or register here to become part of it.

Now that you know the serious part, we can move on to what our plans for Closed Beta are. The topics covered in this blog post therefore are:

  • What is a Closed Beta phase?

  • Keep your account

  • Get access to the TCCE v9 LTS SkillPath

  • UX redesign

  • Web accessibility

What is a Closed Beta phase?

Closed Beta is a phase, where software is distributed to an exclusive group of testers. New features will be installed and tested on the website. New components get unlocked and improved by feedback of users.

SkillDisplay’s Closed Beta will take place in the first quarter of 2019, beginning with 1st January 2019. The platform gets new functionality as well as a new UX design.

Keep your account

As mentioned above, your account will be closed if you don’t join the Closed Beta. If you join, you can use your account during the whole phase. However, be aware that due to expansion of the platform, the website might be not available for a couple of hours in that phase. During the phase, we will ask you to give us feedback. With this feedback you can help us determine how the platform will look like in the future.

Once Closed Beta is finished, you can use the platform as before; keeping all your verified skills without any limitations.

Get access to the newest TCCE v9 LTS SkillPath

In the course of Closed Beta the TCCE SkillPath will be updated and you can verify your TCCE skills before anyone else can. To give you a little preview, skills like SEO (technical) and Admin Panel Basics are new to the SkillPath. The industry fellow is Tom Novotny from the TYPO3 Education Committee.

UX redesign

As we already got a lot of feedback by our current users - thank you to all of them - we decided to redesign the platform. The goal is to make the platform easier to use. We are currently using a tool called Figma to create mockups for the redesign.


To make life easier for our users, we will create a dashboard with recently verified skills and skills you can verify next. Statistics are planned, as well as an overview of rewards. Everything will be summarized in one place and there will be a tour through the platform.

Search field

Beside the dashboard, a search function will be implemented to support you in finding skills, rewards, SkillPaths and verifications.

Web accessibility

Of course we are considering web accessibility in our UX redesign. The shades of blue and green will be replaced by colours that are easier to differ. You can see a first idea of the colours in the previously displayed mockup.

If you want to get more knowledge about web accessibility and methods for people with disabilities to use the web, you can find a web accessibility skill in the TCCE v8 LTS SkillPath on the SkillDisplay platform. TYPO3 GmbH and the TYPO3 Education Committee created a description which provides supportive links and defined learning goals.

Log in and be part of Closed Beta

We hope to see you in Closed Beta. Log in here!


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