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Inspire the TYPO3 community: Submit your talk, panel, and workshop ideas for Developer Days 2023

The TYPO3 Developer Days are back! And with TYPO3 turning 25 years old, T3DD23 is set to be an extra-special occasion.

The TYPO3 Developer Days are an annual international event that brings together developers and community members to network, learn, and share knowledge about TYPO3. Highlights include workshops, talks, and panels, as well as the legendary Social Night. Read about last year’s event. The TYPO3 Developer Days are an excellent opportunity for TYPO3 enthusiasts to improve their skills, catch up with the latest news, and meet like-minded people in the community.

This year, the event will be held in Karlsruhe at the GenoHotel. The program will start on Thursday, 3 August and end on Saturday, 5 August 2023.

Our community is the core of Developer Days. It’s your input that makes them possible. That’s why everyone who gives a talk, or organizes a panel or workshop, receives a complimentary ticket.

Submit your proposal 

Share your knowledge! Give a talk, or organize a panel or workshop.

Are you a TYPO3 developer with a great idea you want to share with the community? The TYPO3 Developer Days 2023 are the perfect opportunity to do just that! We are calling for participation and seeking speakers and topics for this year’s three-day event.

Whether you are an experienced speaker or a newcomer, we welcome your participation.

Proposals for this year’s program should be arranged according to one of the following themes:

  • Accessibility
  • Case Studies
  • Frontend
  • JavaScript
  • User Interface/User Experience
  • Web Components in the Core
  • Miscellaneous

Our community is diverse and creative, and we believe that everyone has something to contribute. So, if you have a great idea or solution to share, we encourage you to organize a talk, discussion, or workshop.

Send your proposals via the form on our website. The Call for Participation ends on 30 June, so submit soon!

Selected speakers will receive a free T3DD23 ticket.

Become a TYPO3 member and get the best value for sponsoring Developer Days

A community-driven project like TYPO3 requires the generosity of its members. Consider sponsoring T3DD23 to help the cause and receive special recognition, visibility, and promotion through various media. We offer a variety of sponsorship packages to fit any budget.

TYPO3 members already receive numerous benefits, including discounts, a say in the TYPO3 Association budget, and brand promotion.

As a TYPO3 member, you’ll be able to get further discounts on sponsoring the Developer Days!

If you’re not a member already, consider joining up. And if you are — why not think about a T3DD23 sponsorship? Contact us at to learn more.


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