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How to keep up to date with the latest LTS

While new releases are well documented and always come with extensive changelogs, those focus on the new features and improvements with the latest version. What improvements are there for developers, what changed in the user interface, and where are to expect performance gains… all essential questions to be answered to get familiar with a new version. Still, there is also another point of view: What do I need to learn to make full use of the update? What do I need to know to be prepared for recertification? How do I keep my skills up to date?

See new requirements at a glance

With skills for TYPO3 9 and 10 LTS already available on SkillDisplay, and 11 in the works, you can get a glance at the skills required to attempt editor, integrator, and developer certifications, and you make simple comparisons on what changed for each certificate.

CMS Certified Editor 9 LTS complemented by 33 skills covering all aspects of managing content on a TYPO3 website. Having fully covered 9 LTS I am 97% ready for 10 LTS, which adds a new skill Dashboard basics to learn about. That gives me a clear learning goal and something to focus on before attempting re-certification.

By tracking verifications and certifications on SkillDisplay, you can easily discern training requirements based on your current know-how, already filtered to the competencies relevant for you – either editor, integrator, or developer.

Save time with focused training

If we can narrow down the skills required for recertification, we can also define tailored training around those skills – or even benefit from already prepared learning resources covering exactly these skills - and focus on the new stuff without retreading ground.

In our example, TYPO3 provided us with learning resources on the dashboard extension ready to use for internal training, covering precisely the necessary updates for our know-how.

Check readiness and optimize recertification

As an agency, SkillDisplay offers you a concise overview of your colleagues' learning progress and certification readiness. You can check who is ready for the certification exam or closest to their preparations and compare efforts taken across LTS versions.

Skill definitions for TYPO3 and progress tracking via self-verification are freely available on the SkillDisplay Platform.



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