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Get more value from your TYPO3 membership with ELTS v10.4 pricing

It already pays to be a TYPO3 member. But now with our updated price structure for Extended Long-Term Support (ELTS) v10.4, members can make even more significant savings.

Our new pricing model simplifies the TYPO3 membership structure, with no more “Pro” or “Agency” plans for the ELTS v10.4 release. It also makes your decision to become a member easier, with a transparent scheme offering savings on ELTS subscriptions for different membership levels.

Read on to learn about the changes, or get in touch with us if you want to discuss multiple ELTS plans.

How the new ELTS pricing structure can work for you

The new structure offers significant ELTS discounts to TYPO3 members, making it more cost-effective to invest in a TYPO3 membership. Marketing departments can now boast about being a TYPO3 Member, as your ELTS savings can be passed on to clients! Service pricing for non-members is raised to €2,800 excl. VAT, but the new discounts are as follows:

ELTS PackageELTS PriceMembership Price
ELTS SinglePlan (No Membership) – OLD€2,200-
ELTS SinglePlan (No Membership) – NEW€2,800-
ELTS SilverMember€2,100€500 once + €1,000 / year
ELTS GoldMember€1,960€500 once + €2,750/year
ELTS PlatinumMember€1,540€500 once + €12,500/year

Silver Membership: A 25% discount, making this an attractive option for small companies providing TYPO3 services or end users who utilize TYPO3 on a regular basis.

  • Purchasing two or more ELTS SinglePlans and a Silver Membership is cheaper than purchasing without a membership.
  • Existing TYPO3 Silver Members can buy at a cheaper rate than before!

Gold Membership: A 30% discount, providing an additional incentive for you to consider a higher membership level.

  • Purchasing 4 or more ELTS SinglePlans and a Gold Membership is cheaper than purchasing without a membership.
  • Gold Membership is suggested if you need 13 or more ELTS plans (cheaper than buying with a Silver Membership).

Platinum Membership: A 45% discount, offering substantial savings for those needing 26 or more ELTS plans and making this more cost-effective than purchasing with a Gold Membership for large clients.

  • Purchasing 10 or more ELTS SinglePlans and a Platinum Membership is cheaper than purchasing without a membership.

Simplify your choices with the new pricing structure

The new ELTS membership pricing structure aims to simplify our product portfolio, making it easier for you to understand and choose the right options for your needs. We encourage key accounts with high volumes to join Partnership and SLA Plans, so we can better align our offerings with the needs of larger organizations and foster closer collaboration with partners.

The new pricing structure also enables TYPO3 to gather data about the real total usage of ELTS. This insight allows us to make informed decisions regarding the development and support of the platform, ensuring that it remains relevant and valuable to users like you. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock your full potential with our the ELTS v10.4 pricing structure. Explore the various membership levels and benefits today, and become a part of a thriving ecosystem that is shaping the future of web content management.

Purchase ELTS or get in touch with us if you want to discuss multiple ELTS plans.


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