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Do You Know the Technical Condition of Your TYPO3 Website?

Surprises are great. Except when they interfere with business procedures. The last thing you want to get surprised by is the condition of your website. Here, they quickly lead from a mere annoyance to unpleasant consequences like busted time schedules, exceeded budgets, and messed up business relationships.

Do you know the technical condition of your TYPO3 website? If not, get an objective opinion through a TYPO3 Project Review. These reviews guide TYPO3 website owners and builders in making well-informed decisions. Take the guesswork out of making important decisions concerning your TYPO3 web project by getting a second opinion from an expert, outside perspective.

Why it’s important to maintain your website

Websites are at the heart of generating business value and they represent a considerable investment. Whatever software a site is built with, it will require maintenance and regular updates. Keeping a website in good working condition is never a “one and done” task.

Neglecting basic website maintenance can have unpleasant consequences like:

  • Security issues

  • Increased page loading time

  • Declining search engine rankings

These are some of the many reasons to stay on top of website maintenance. The pace of change with web technologies is so fast that if you don’t give a website regular attention it could soon be falling behind. Assessing the status quo at regular intervals will support you in making good decisions about what to improve or remove in your website or application.

TYPO3 Project Review: Analysis, evaluation and documentation

TYPO3 Project Reviews are a reliable resource when dealing with technical decisions. The review process provides stakeholders in web projects–both TYPO3 service providers and TYPO3 website owners–the chance to get an objective, expert opinion about the state of their web application.

TYPO3 Project Reviews can give you answers to questions like:

  • When do you need a relaunch to a new TYPO3 website? When is an update sufficient?

  • How complex will the process be to make this happen?

  • Is the site performing at its best? If not, what’s preventing it from doing so?

Get blockers out of the way and make well-informed decisions by opting for TYPO3 Project Reviews!

TYPO3 Projects Reviews can be done to various depths, from analyzing a single extension to a full-blown review of a complete TYPO3 installation. We investigate the technical condition of the code as well as aspects like safety and performance. You’re provided with a detailed technical documentation of our findings that includes suggestions concerning implementation, best practices and next steps. Are you curious as to what insights you gain?

TYPO3 Project Reviews for web project owners

Is your business website running on TYPO3? Are you planning an investment to relaunch your website and want to get good value for your money? Or maybe you’ve had your website updated and want to control the outcome? Let’s take a closer look at various backgrounds that make an independent review worthwhile for TYPO3 website owners.

TYPO3 Project Reviews provide answers to questions like...

  1. How do we safeguard the quality and the standard of our website?
    Have your site reviewed and get a confirmation on its quality and efficiency (or the tips you need to make it rock solid).

  2. How do we determine the long-term maintainability of our website and prepare for future challenges?
    Get a clear picture of what you’ll be in for in the future. Find out where your next upgrade or relaunch will need time invested and where it will be smooth sailing.

  3. How complex will the upgrade or relaunch be? Is the footing sound?
    It’s always good to know what you’re in for to be able to plan accordingly.

  4. We’ve changed our service provider and want to make sure we’re on the same page. How do we know that the quality of the website delivered is what it should be?
    Use an objective report so that everyone involved knows what they’re getting into.

Getting objective facts on the table can be the fastest way to making decisions you won’t regret!

TYPO3 Project Reviews for web agencies

Building, maintaining and upgrading TYPO3 websites involves technical complexity and an independent, expert review can be beneficial for TYPO3 web agencies in many ways.

TYPO3 Project Reviews provide answers to questions like...

  1. How complex is the update or relaunch of a project going to be?

  2. How can standards and consistency be promoted?

  3. What will the workload for migrating or upgrading a new (unknown) project be? This includes analyzing if upgrading is possible or not.

  4. Is the website performing at its best or does it merely “look right”?

  5. Are there technical problems preventing the website from working properly?

The consequences of misjudgement can be severe. They can rip your reputation apart and cost you time and money. TYPO3 Project Reviews help you make informed decisions.

No, TYPO3 GmbH is not in the business of building TYPO3 web applications!

TYPO3 GmbH is not in the business of building websites, that’s what professional TYPO3 agencies and freelancers do. Our business is enabling the TYPO3 community to deliver its best work to everyone. Sometimes a second opinion is just what it takes to make well-informed decisions. Our reviews are discrete, objective, and based on expert knowledge gained through years of professional experience.

Get in touch with us to talk about your situation and how we can help you.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in March 2018 and has been reworked and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


Thanks Jörg for this article. To speed up real up and running TYPO3 websites makes that wonderful CMS more popular. Like to use that service soon, hope the customer don't think it is too pricy! Keep up with your good work. Best regards Dan

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