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4 Reasons Why So Many Enterprises Use a CMS Like TYPO3

There are a lot of buzzwords in today’s online marketing world, CMS is an important one. CMS stands for content management system, which means precisely that: a system with which you manage content. It lets you easily organize and edit web content, and allows for multiple users to add content and keep it up-to-date.

A key factor for viable business growth is adopting the right digital technologies, ones that serve purposes well and that are are easy to handle. Find out more about how enterprises can benefit from adopting to a flexible CMS like TYPO3, and what’s in it for marketers and business owners.

What is a CMS?

Coding is the name of the game when it comes to building websites of all sorts and sizes. Websites can be built in different ways, CMSs are one of them. A CMS is software - meaning code written to run on hardware - that helps you manage digital content. In this case, the code is being executed on servers. Developers do what they’re good at, namely write code and provide stable running systems. And content strategists do what they’re good at: namely create content and do business.

A significant advantage of a CMS is that anybody can use a it easily without any knowledge of coding whatsoever. This is because code and content are kept in different places.

The advantages are obvious: companies benefit from cutting costs and saving time. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

4 Benefits of Using a CMS to Run a Business Website

1. Independence

Today, the marketing department of every business should have ownership over the most important tool for creating brand awareness and generating leads: the company’s website. They also need to be able to add content and make changes to their business website in an easy way, without fiddling about with technical details.

Content management systems give marketers this power and control. A CMS like TYPO3 puts users in the driving seat, because it lets you easily create, edit, publish, and control website content without having to manipulate files (e.g. use FTP for uploading content, manually edit source files, etc.). You need to publish an article immediately? Delete an outdated paragraph or complete page? Or add a new page with a new product? It’s all yours!

Marketing has moved online, even into our pockets. Updating website content should be easy. Content management systems give marketers control to do what they’re good at.

2. Ease of management for non-technical users

Using a CMS makes website management less technical and more user friendly. The basic functions of writing and publishing content, of adding images and videos are easy to handle.

A CMS comes with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. After the initial setup - by a developer or web agency - anyone who can use a word processing software will have no problem using a CMS to create web pages, blog posts, news articles, and so on.

Content management isn’t always about publishing, it’s also about being able to move content from one place to another, to remove content when it’s out of date or to change content in any way. You’ll want to be able to remove a product that’s been taken off the market, delete a Christmas special offer when the New Year comes round, delete a menu item, or maybe simply change your header image. With a CMS, you can do all this and lotsmore. And again: without the help of a developer.

3. Multiple users with different publishing permissions

In a business, there are usually quite a few people who need to have access to the backend of the website. There’s those who add and update product pages, those who write and publish articles on your blog for your content marketing efforts and many more.

With the right CMS, multiple content editors can login and keep a website up to date. It makes organizing and editing web content uncomplicated. You can also smooth the process by giving users very precise publishing permissions and control exactly who’s allowed to do what and when on the website.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at your fingertips

SEO clearly communicates to search engines and site visitors what you are about, what you offer and that you are important. A good CMS lets you optimize SEO for search engines as you create individual pages with features like URL structure, page titles, and headers. It should also allow you to easily add your own meta description and meta tags.

Search engines gets you in the game, SEO makes you visible in search engine results.

TYPO3 Lets You Handle Complex Websites With Ease

TYPO3 CMS offers these benefits and lots more. It’s flexible, highly extensive and popular among educational institutions, enterprises and other content driven sectors that require a complex architecture and need to display a wide range of content in many different languages.

TYPO3 is open source software, easy to tailor (customizable) and supported by both by its developer and service provider communities, as well as a commercial entity, TYPO3 GmbH, which backs the CMS with further special services.

Finding the Right TYPO3 Partner

Whether you are launching your first TYPO3 website, updating an existing website or relaunching an older website, we can assist you in finding a trusted development partner for your TYPO3 web project that covers all of the aspects that are relevant to you.

Our commitment to quality means that our TYPO3 Partners are counted among the best in the industry, making our TYPO3 Partner Program a place where customers can find the quality and performance they need. Our TYPO3 Partners specialize in development, migration, maintenance and support services. They’re experienced contributors to the TYPO3 community who have completed high profile TYPO3 projects. To ensure high quality standards our partners employ certified and audited professionals.


Whatever your business is today, your website is in all likelihood at the heart of generating and sustaining ROI (return on investment). A website that you control is your best marketing tool. There are many ways to build a website, using a content management system (CMS) like TYPO3 is one of them.

TYPO3 makes content easy to handle and should be at the heart of any digital marketing strategy. Browse our partner finder to find TYPO3 experts who help solve your business problems and drive your business or get in touch with us if you have any questions!

As always, thank you for reading!