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KZVB Receives a Human Centric Design and New Brand Identity with TYPO3

The Bavarian Healthcare Association Utilized TYPO3 CMS for Healthcare to Revitalize its Brand

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The Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (German: Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns) or KZVB is one of Bavaria’s largest public health institutions, comprising over 10,000 dental health professionals. The association ensures comprehensive dental care for over ten million patients across Bavaria with statutory health insurance. 

As the representative body of such a large community, KZVB’s web presence and the user experience it offers its members is of major importance. To enhance the user-centricity of their online platform, and establish a revitalized brand experience for its members, KZVB partnered with TYPO3 Agency Deutsche Telekom MMS GmbH

The agency utilized TYPO3 CMS to implement a digitalization strategy, including a new self-service platform that is capable of adapting to both user needs and expectations along with industry trends, all while working with key stakeholders to define a new brand promise and identity. 

Challenging Perceptions within the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare associations face the challenge of maintaining a high-performing website that is able to handle large amounts of data, evolve based on new regulations and requirements, and also serve both clients and members within what can be a complex bureaucratic framework. 

These were some of the challenges KZVB had to contend with when it assessed its need for an upgraded healthcare CMS and new brand image. By 2020, it was clear that the time had come to revitalize their brand and begin the process of full digitalization of their operations. This included the need for a new self-service portal that could more effectively manage its users needs.

A User-friendly Digital Approach to Content Management

Developing a new brand identity and digitalized service offering began with a kickoff workshop that included key stakeholders, followed by an analysis of the existing market landscape. These first two steps paved the way for strategic objectives to be decided upon. 

Together, KVZB and Telekom MMS focused on achieving the following outcomes for the project:

User Centricity

Human-centered design with an upgraded self-service portal that prioritizes member needs and harmonizes user interactions with the KZVB platform ensuring design decisions are made while taking into account user behavior, expectations and needs.

Brand Design

Revitalized brand design for KZVB, including an improved web presence, new logo, and fresh brand identity.


Implementation of TYPO3 CMS for Healthcare to digitalize the administrative functions of the KVZB website, offering a streamlined user experience and improved structure.

The selection of TYPO3 as the CMS of choice was no coincidence. Telekom MMS found TYPO3’s robust and versatile features, along with its user-centric design and structure to be ideal for a digitalization of the kind its client would require. More than just a tool, TYPO3 CMS operates as an enabler for digital transformation, especially for large scale associations and organizations that seek to improve their interactions with customers and members alike.

A Revitalized Healthcare Brand

The implementation of TYPO3 CMS for Healthcare for KZVB marked a major milestone for the organization. More than simply a re-brand, the work done by Telekom MMS constituted a shift in philosophy towards a Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach that adopts a continuous improvement process that allows for flexibility and sustainable development

As opposed to digital strategies that require complete overhauls of digital infrastructure every few years in order to keep up with the latest trends and market demands, TYPO3 CMS allows KVZB to implement flexible responses and an agile approach to meeting the needs of its members. 

Additionally, the HCD approach includes a new digitalization roadmap which serves as a blueprint and strategic guide for future adjustments and the continuous evolution of KVZB’s web presence and continued digital transformation. The project was completed in seven months. A noteworthy achievement for a task of this scale.

"Proud of the result"

“Originally intended as a relaunch, the project turned into a revision of our brand image. The MMS has initiated this process convincingly with a lot of commitment. We are very proud of the result.”

- Tobias Horner, Deputy Head of the Press Office at KZVB.

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