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National Health in times of Covid-19 pandemic with TYPO3

The website is the central point of contact for the transmission of information on the subject of health care. Millions of people access the site every day.

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How to keep thousands of websites up to date

The ministry's website consists of thousands of websites. The individual page has to be checked for topicality after a certain period of time. How can this be done with structure and overview? The commissioned agency CPS-IT has developed a system for regulatory assistance: the resubmission. In order not to lose the overview, each page provides a follow-up function that is activated by an individually set reminder. After the correction has been made, the relevant page will be automatically resubmitted after six months. Depending on the date set, the assigned persons in the specialist departments will be informed by email and asked to check the page. This prevents pages from being forgotten.

High-performance information

The website must clearly display the latest and most important information. For this reason, the navigation must be designed to be user-friendly for visitors so that everyone can find their destination quickly. At the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, the number of visitors increased again significantly. The Federal Ministry of Health was an important point of contact for citizens. Visitors are sensitive to long page loading times, especially when using mobile devices, and decide within a few seconds whether they should stay on the website or rather look elsewhere. For this reason, a smooth performance of the site must be guaranteed consistently.

An extensible and flexible website

The news is stored in the system in the form of data records. In addition, TYPO3 offers easy integration of cloud solutions with the help of an interface. This means that your media can be used directly in TYPO3. At the same time, extensive functions of the media library are available (for example search functions and metadata). With the integration in TYPO3, the entire workflow with media becomes more agile and efficient. Large amounts of assets in different formats and versions can also be optimally prepared and organized so that the high number of views can be intercepted.

Deliver blazingly fast content

As your website scales and expands, you need to rely on infrastructure that accommodates new page visitors and traffic spikes. TYPO3’s infrastructure comes with great caching, upstream proxy services, and support for cloud storage, CDNs, and cloud-hosting services like Kubernetes or your provider of choice. Your organization can scale quickly and cost-effectively with TYPO3—get ready for traffic spikes, stress-free

Global and local control over brand reputation

It can be a struggle to maintain design and branding standards when working with decentralized teams or independent brands. TYPO3 offers central brand management, flexible infrastructure, and built-in user access management that gives local marketers control over their domains. Enforce global guidelines when you need them while empowering individual editors to respond to local needs. 

Reuse layouts, templates, and assets

Global brands need consistent design and reusable layouts. At the same time, they must retain customizability per product, brand, country, region, and language. In TYPO3, you can build reusable templates and content elements for shared design while adapting individual components to different contexts. TYPO3 ensures a consistent, unified design while providing individual marketers with the flexibility to work on local or differentiated brands.  

Marketing does marketing, IT does IT

Marketing and communication teams need to be independent from IT to complete their daily tasks (and vice versa). TYPO3 offers a secure solution with fine-grained user rights management. IT departments can enable marketing departments by giving them access to the features they need and barring access to those they don’t. Both teams can rely on TYPO3 to provide a secure environment for marketing campaigns and content publishing. 

Plays well and fast with search algorithms

Low-ranking search results, slow load times, and poor social media can prevent your most compelling content from getting the attention it deserves. The TYPO3 Core software comes built-in with structured content that enhances SEO, including metadata, schema markups, accessibility fields, and other tools that help raise your profile. You can trust TYPO3 to provide a powerful and performant technical base for delivering content to search engines and social media algorithms while loading web pages quickly. 

Simplify complex content

Explaining a complex piece of software or physical product can be very involved, especially when your customers have limited time. TYPO3 provides all kinds of tools to make digital explainers accessible to a broad audience. Options like FAQs, a wide media format range, and interactive elements can all support your customer education needs. TYPO3 places the right digital tools at your disposal, so you can make a great first impression with new customers. 

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