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Environmental protection with TYPO3

The Federal Environment Ministry offers its diverse information on TYPO3 systems.

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Relaunch during ongoing operations

In 2017 and 2018, the website was completely relaunched during ongoing operations. How did that work? The specialty was that a new system with responsive templates with a modern look and feel was set up parallel to the existing "old system". 

As part of a so-called “modular relaunch”, the divided information architecture was gradually “switched” along appropriate sections. The complex path handling was implemented using varnish. To ensure that the search is always complete, a common Solr search index was generated from both systems.

The relaunch has improved and optimized the existing concept with regard to the benefits for the target group. The website was then up-to-date and adapted to the current state of the art. This was done quietly during daily business.

A wide-ranging online portal

The Federal Environment Ministry has around 3,000 search engine optimized pages in German and English. This includes an ordering system for brochures, picture, video and audio galleries, a newsletter system and more. The site also provides live streams and the latest press releases and reports from the ministry. The federal government is obliged to offer its websites barrier-free. In addition to the commissioned agency CPS-IT, the employees at the BMU also work in the backend on a daily basis.

Modern websites for every need

With the help of coordinated modules, all standard pages, but also landing pages and campaigns, can be created and managed in a single TYPO3 system using the “modular principle”. All extensions have been specially programmed for the requirements of the BMU. With the help of the user administration, 36 users, employees of the BMU and the commissioned agency CPS-IT, work in the system. With a few exceptions, this website is fully accessible. In order to uncover possible restrictions in the published information, integrated content, functions and processes, the website is regularly checked by external experts.

Fast and relevant search results

When searching for content on your website, end-users need fast, relevant, and up-to-date results. TYPO3’s enterprise search functionality offers a faceted, drill-down search that integrates with Solr and ElasticSearch. Content Editors can analyze search results to optimize content and improve end users’ experience. TYPO3 provides powerful search functionality that leads users to the right content, quickly.

Respect user privacy

If your organization handles sensitive user data, your internal and external users alike must trust that you’re keeping them secure. With the TYPO3 CMS, you can schedule stored data for deletion or cleanup and automate security processes around privacy to prevent human error from unveiling sensitive data.  TYPO3 respects user privacy and sensitive information by design. 

A shared backend for multiple sites and locales

Managing internal and external users can be difficult for a global or distributed organization, especially if they need a multi-site setup. Add as many sites as you need in your TYPO3 multi-site installation, and centrally manage languages, domains, individual sites, page access, and user rights in a single, shared backend. TYPO3’s multi-site installations are maintainable, efficient, and flexible to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

Marketing does marketing, IT does IT

Marketing and communication teams need to be independent from IT to complete their daily tasks (and vice versa). TYPO3 offers a secure solution with fine-grained user rights management. IT departments can enable marketing departments by giving them access to the features they need and barring access to those they don’t. Both teams can rely on TYPO3 to provide a secure environment for marketing campaigns and content publishing. 

Launch marketing campaigns without bottlenecks 

Running several quick-to-market marketing campaigns simultaneously can be cumbersome if you don’t have the right setup.TYPO3 offers powerful, built-in solutions for marketers, allowing them to create new content and sites while integrating with the campaign monitoring and other marketing solutions they use daily. TYPO3 is an IT-trusted, open system that enables marketers to run professional campaigns quickly, independent from IT or agencies.

Plays well and fast with search algorithms

Low-ranking search results, slow load times, and poor social media can prevent your most compelling content from getting the attention it deserves. The TYPO3 Core software comes built-in with structured content that enhances SEO, including metadata, schema markups, accessibility fields, and other tools that help raise your profile. You can trust TYPO3 to provide a powerful and performant technical base for delivering content to search engines and social media algorithms while loading web pages quickly. 

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