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TYPO3 v12.3 - Feature Freeze

Attention Community! Unleash your creativity with TYPO3 version 12.3, the final sprint release in the v12 series, now with all the features planned for the upcoming long-term support release in April. With a focus on improving existing features and refining the user interface, this version will take your web development game to the next level. 

TYPO3 v12.3 - Short Update Overview

TYPO3 version 12.3 is a major milestone in the v12 cycle, as it marks the feature freeze for the upcoming long-term support (LTS) release in April 2023. With a focus on testing and refining the source code and user interface, extension developers are now encouraged to update their extensions to support TYPO3 v12. The more extensions compatible with v12, the higher the adoption rate of the upcoming LTS release, making it a perfect time for developers to review and test their extensions. TYPO3 integrators can leverage the improvements and update their existing sites to v12 to take advantage of the latest features and technologies. Stay ahead of the game and explore the benefits of TYPO3 v12 today!

About the Key Changes

Outgoing Webhooks

Looking to automate your tasks in TYPO3? Look no further than the new "Reactions" and "Outgoing Webhooks" feature in version 12 LTS! With the "System ➜ Webhooks" backend module, you can easily configure webhook calls for incoming and outgoing events. TYPO3 even generates a secret for validation, so you can rest easy knowing your data is secure. Best of all, developers can register events with just a single line of PHP code, and custom webhooks can be sent using TYPO3\CMS\Webhooks\Factory\WebhookInstructionFactory. Plus, with outgoing webhooks going through the message queue/bus, you can customize your HTTP requests even further. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to automation with TYPO3 version 12 LTS!

Content Security Policy (CSP)

TYPO3 version 12.3 introduces support for Content Security Policies (CSP) for both the backend and frontend, providing an added layer of security to detect and mitigate cross-site scripting attacks and data injection attacks. TYPO3 developers and integrators can now instruct browsers on how to deal with certain resources, such as legitimate JavaScript or CSS files, while blocking malicious resources injected into the system. The new Admin Tools ➜ Content Security Policy backend module provides an overview of CSP violations. This feature is still under development and will be optimized further in TYPO3 v12 LTS.

Element Browser

When you're looking for a CMS solution, security should be at the top of your list. Our commitment is evident in the addition of new default security headers in the backend, including Strict-Transport-Security, X-Content-Type-Options, and Referrer-Policy. These headers add an extra layer of security to protect both the CMS and its users.

But that's not all - TYPO3 also allows customizing these default security headers to meet your specific security requirements. These headers don't fix vulnerabilities in extensions, but they do help to harden the security of the CMS.

Don't settle for a CMS that leaves your website and users vulnerable to attacks. 

Retention Period for Deleted Records

In addition to offering a solution for permanently deleting records from the database with its "TYPO3 CMS Lowlevel" extension and "cleanup:deletedrecords" command, TYPO3 12.3 has added a new feature that allows administrators to define a minimum age for deleted records to be deleted, ensuring compliance with data retention policies while also providing easy restoration of recently deleted records. This new feature can help businesses looking to streamline their data management processes while maintaining data integrity.

Extbase Changes

TYPO3's programming framework, Extbase, has undergone two major changes that will impact TYPO3 developers. The first change involves the use of magic methods, which are function calls used to retrieve data from repository classes. While these methods are convenient, they also have significant drawbacks, such as IDEs being unable to resolve their names and failing to analyze them properly. To address these issues, TYPO3 version 12.3 introduced new functions that provide the same functionality as magic methods while allowing for multiple comparisons and following the naming convention of the object-relational mapper Doctrine ORM. However, the old magic methods will still be available in TYPO3 v12 and v13, giving developers time to migrate their code. The second change involves Extbase's support for union types, which are multiple data type declarations for properties, arguments, and return types. TYPO3 version 12.3 now supports union-type declarations for entity properties, providing better compatibility with modern PHP frameworks.

Feature Freeze

TYPO3 v12 is gearing up for its big long-term support (LTS) release in April 2023. But before we get there, we need your help! The development team has frozen new features and is now focusing on testing and polishing the source code and user interface. Extension developers, this is your time to shine! Review the changes and improvements we've made in all TYPO3 v12 sprint releases, and update your code base to support TYPO3 v12. The more extensions that are compatible with TYPO3 v12, the higher the chances of widespread adoption within and outside the community. And for existing users, take advantage of the improvements and update your sites to v12.


Head over to the Community release article to learn more about the exciting new features and improvements in detail. From better performance to improved security, TYPO3 version 12.3 has it all.


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