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TYPO3 is more than just a piece of software. It is a community. Our values guide our work and make sure the community is a great place for everyone.

July 2019: Developer Appreciation Day (DAD)

As usual, a new month starts off with Developer Appreciation Day (DAD): We‘d like to tip our hats to the devoted TYPO3 developers who contributed to the TYPO3 project during July. Thanks a lot, everyone! Find the contributor’s names and some truly impressive numbers in our current article.

First Place for TYPO3’s Form Framework

In April this year, our first German TYPO3 agency partner TRITUM won the Thuringian Open Source Prize for their outstanding work on the TYPO3 Form Framework. The prize was awarded for the first time and underlines TRITUM’s status as pioneers within the TYPO3 community.

Mark Your Calendar! - TYPO3 Events in Q3 2019 and Beyond

Events and conferences are a great way to get together with like-minded people, gain knowledge and establish new business relationships. We compiled a list of TYPO3 events for Q3 2019 and beyond. Take out your calendars and make sure to mark these dates!

June 2019: Developer Appreciation Day (DAD)

Every month, we seize the opportunity to celebrate contributors in our Developer Appreciation Day post. Let's take a moment to share gratitude for the continued passion, commitment, and time which our devoted developers invest into making TYPO3 working flawlessly. Thanks a lot, everyone!

TYPO3 v7.6.38 and 6.2.44 ELTS Released

Are you still sticking to an older version of TYPO3? Recently, TYPO3 v7.6.38 and 6.2.44 ELTS have been released. Staying on top of maintenance and security updates should be a top priority. Gain peace of mind by opting for one of TYPO3 GmbH’s ELTS offers.

May 2019: Developer Appreciation Day (DAD)

On this Developer Appreciation Day (DAD), we’d like to acknowledge all the hard working developers who continuously contribute to the TYPO3 project: Thank you ever so much, folks! Find May’s most important names and some really impressive numbers in this post.