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Marketing Automation and TYPO3 - How Lux Can Help

Thanks to Florian from in2code for sharing!

Marketing Automation is the buzzword in most marketing discussions lately. "Every Business should use automated lead nurturing, personalized web pages, and automated workflows", they say. 

But what does it mean to automate marketing processes? And how does this work with TYPO3?
We will present a short overview of the lux marketing automation extension, how it works for our website, and how you can use it for different marketing processes. Let's dive into the wondrous and fascinating world of marketing automation.

Lead Nurturing

The most common and fundamental aspect of marketing automation is what is known as the lead nurturing process. It's about guiding a user through a marketing funnel seamlessly: From attention over to interest and further to desire and finally action. But mainly without manually interacting with him and also working with the flywheel concept.

Why that, you may ask?

Because even with low numbers for impressions and clicks on Google, it is not possible to manually get in touch with every potential lead. No matter if you are looking for partners, employees, customers, or even investors. The automation gently asks a user to interact with your website, and we want to know more about his needs. A chatbot, for example, or downloads. Even time spent on a landing page, and even returning to the same one after time. All these and many more so-called touchpoints allow you to nurture leads. 

With each of these touchpoints, you can tell more about what the user is looking for. With proper adjustments, your users engage more and more with your content. 

The more you know, the better you can help with your solutions.

Marketing automation makes websites worth the effort

Besides lead nurturing and other cool marketing stuff, there is also another essential aspect of marketing automation. From the perspective of the poor guy who has to fight for a website's budget–at some point, one question will arise: "How do we profit from the website(s)?" the CEOs may ask. How not to struggle and give them the answer every CEO loves:

With marketing automation: "The website brought you 562 leads handed over to the sales team. And every lead is worth 98$. This means your website is worth at least 55.076$ year on year. I am happy to help!" Please take it as an example, and you will find out more in the session recording.

Workflows: Let me tell you how

Our marketing automation solution increased the revenue of our marketing automation tool lux (I love this story).

Since lux was released in 2019, we've had about 4 to 5 presentations/demonstrations until late 2020. After establishing a simple workflow: "Send follow-up mailing with demo invitation." I had the chance to speak with over 25 people in a one-on-one presentation.
It simply increased the Sales accepted Leads (SaL) by over 500%!

My second favorite one: A returning visitor gets a pop-up, telling the user that it is possible to show a returning visitor a pop-up with lux. 

Or that one: The hottest identified leads (more about that in the video) are sent via direct message to the chief sales officer. 

Users, even if concerned about privacy, want individual websites customized to their needs and behavior. I didn't come up with it–a study from Boston Consulting Group is telling us this. So if you want to build successful websites, it's essential to keep this in mind.

Personalized websites and privacy

Often, someone refers to marketing automation; the significant fears are the complex implementation process, expensive marketing automation solutions, and regulatory issues. 

It is true that regulatory questions about data protection are relevant concerns and need to be considered. 

But if you look into the details, you'll find some interesting facts. Users are mainly willing to provide their data. Still, they are afraid because of unintended data sharing and a lack of their own data control. With that in mind: Treat given data gently and with the utmost respect.

Common ways to overcome doubts are to actively inform users about the handled data and provide easy methods to opt-out, delete and adjust. 

With lux, implementation is no longer a question of implementation complexity. In the words of a partner agency: "just works out of the box in any new system."

Team up with lux

You can test and download lux here:

Become a lux marketing automation partner and find out how to implement workflows for your customers. Watch the session and learn how to become a lux partner agency.



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