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SkillDisplay - Using Organisations and Verifications at abaton and Your Company

Thanks to Christina from SkillDisplay for sharing!

This blog post is all about the new “organisations overview”, skill management, and the employees at abaton as well as your company. Thank you to Herbert Sojnik for the interview and for giving insights into how his company is using both TYPO3 and SkillDisplay. The interview was held in German and subsequently translated to English.

This blog post focuses on the following items:

  • abaton and TYPO3 – open source, security, and scalability
  • getting started with SkillDisplay and new employees
  • verifying your employees
  • the new organisations overview
  • abaton’s favourite part about the platform
  • setting up SkillDisplay for your company

abaton and TYPO3 – open source, security, and scalable

For almost 20 years, abaton has worked with TYPO3 and made it a big part of their business. While primarily building and supporting websites, they also host them with a focus on the server location being in Austria.

Herbert’s reasons for using TYPO3 are both its scalability and the large number of applications it has. Being a host, he finds TYPO3’s security features invaluable in providing a secure service for users, with the additional support of TYPO3’s security team giving Herbert all the resources he needs to offer a secure platform. Like many other web agencies, abaton also already uses the newest version TYPO3v10 for developing new websites for their customers.

Getting started with SkillDisplay for new employees

abaton now uses SkillDisplay when hiring a new employee who needs to be trained in TYPO3, in addition to using it with existing employees who need retraining on areas they don’t use on a daily basis.

Two private SkillSets were created to tailor the content for members of abaton to what they are supposed to learn, with SkillSets being used in the learning sessions of the employees, taking the time whenever they have it to learn new skills. Herbert thinks this is very convenient as employees get a quick overview of the skill and can then use links, such as TYPO3 docs and tutorials, suggested by the TYPO3 GmbH and TYPO3 education committee.

Verifying your employees

Two team members from abaton with the largest knowledge of TYPO3 take on the role of the business verifiers, with SkillDisplay constantly working as a tool that runs alongside day-to-day work. Frequently, the skills of the employees are checked and evaluated to identify what is missing. When a skill is used for a project the verification is accepted. Otherwise, abaton knows there is a need for extra tuition.

The new organisations overview

One of the newer functions abaton uses is the organisations overview, which contains statistics about employees. This is useful for having access to information on verified skills by the members in one place.

You can find the organisations overview in the navigation bar, where you can:

  1. join an organization with an invitation key, provided by the administrator(s) of an organisation.
  2. leave organisations you are a member of.
  3. get an insight into your members if you are an administrator of an organisation.

By pressing the view button of the organisation you are an administrator of, you can access the overview. Invitation codes can be generated and an overview of which members are currently part of the organisation is available, with more functions to follow in the future. In the top right, you can see the “View Organisation Statistics” button.

After pressing this button you will see a couple of statistics, which are described in detail below:

1. SkillScore:
The skill score is calculated for each user of the SkillDisplay platform. My personal score is 171 SkillPoints and is calculated by certificates and self, educational and business verifications. These are weighted, with less significance given to self verifications than to an official TCCE certificate. The personal score is private to each member and can be found in their profiles - if logged in, you can find it here: The score of the organisation is calculated by summing the scores of each member together.

2. Verification Received:
All verifications made by any of the members are shown in this statistic.

3. Last Month Activity:
Here you can see how many users were online, as well as how many verifications were received and issued.

4. Member Potential:
The member potential shows the estimated learning potential in your company. This is found by looking at which SkillSets members already possess skills in, and identifying other skills in the same sets which have yet to be completed, showing the administrators what proportion of SkillSets are yet to be finished.

5. Member Interests:
Here, the administrators get an overview about what SkillSets are mostly used by their members/employees/students.

6. Skill Composition:
Shows, what expertise is available in your company.

7. Export the dataset:
To get a greater detail about all skills verified by your members, as well as all skills your members verified for somebody else (business or educational verification; only with specific rights, provided by SkillDisplay, possible), a CSV can be downloaded containing all that information, which can be used for independent analysis.

abaton’s favourite part about the platform

To end the interview, Herbert revealed his favourite part of the platform to be that the connection of the skills is very convenient. If a skill is verified in a company internal SkillSet, it also appears as verified in any other SkillSet, in his case the TYPO3 certifications.

We are very happy to have abaton as a partner and want to thank Herbert for the interview!

Set up for your company

To get verification and organisation rights for the SkillDisplay platform, you need to get a business partnership with 2 stars or higher. Please feel free to message SkillDisplay if you are interested and want to discuss either of the partnerships!


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