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Publish More Content, in More Languages, Faster, Within TYPO3

Thanks to Jesper from LanguageWire for sharing!

As digital content demands increase, understanding the role of different digital channels and how we create and share content, requires more attention and understanding than ever before.

For the past 15 years I have worked in digital product development within telco, digital agencies, and the translation industry. My role at LanguageWire as Product Director involves developing integrated solutions that help brands create global content using innovative technology to streamline content workflows.

Many brands are quickly adapting their go-to-market strategy to embrace digital transformation across all business functions. According to Statista, by January 2020, there were over 4 billion active internet users across the globe, equal to 59% of the total world population. That drives home the importance of having a robust presence across multiple digital channels. 

In short, digital communication is fundamental to the modern customer journey – and a crucial part of that journey is your website.

First impressions count, that’s why localised web content is important

Managing a global website is a complex undertaking, not only do you need technical expertise, you also need to understand the mindset and behaviour of your target audience. How do they engage with the website? What factors result in a positive user experience?  How do you drive conversions online? 

Targeting a global audience increases your potential number of visitors, but it also means you need to speak more languages, especially if you want them to engage with your website content and convert online. 

As you ramp up the number of language versions your TYPO3 website has, you and your team will need to find ways to streamline the translation process. With the right tech solution it’s possible. 

Let’s explore the importance of localisation a bit further.

To convert visitors – your website must speak their language

In the past, brands relied on one or two language versions of their websites. Today however, visitors expect content to be available in their native language. 

Websites are no longer about merely sharing information, they are platforms for delivering value. And speaking the language of your visitor is a powerful way to make them stay on the site longer and engage with more content. 

Localised digital content is fundamental to driving value, but as the number of target markets increases, so do target languages and the complexity of publishing online content. The challenge you face as a business is to eliminate the complexity of speaking 10, 20, or more languages. 

Adding a language to your website should not be seen as a cost which negatively affects time-to-market. Translation is an investment which increases traffic, leads, and sales.

The LanguageWire TYPO3 Connector makes it possible to manage translations from within your TYPO3 CMS, improving your content ROI through streamlined workflows, and reaching a wider audience.

Shorten your time-to-market with a LanguageWire TYPO3 Connector

It’s 2020, we shouldn’t still be getting content translated via email or experiencing copy-paste errors. 

We developed the LanguageWire TYPO3 Connector to streamline your content creation process and make it easy to translate content. You can now create a lot more content, in more languages, faster than ever before whilst reducing your team’s workload. 

Here’s a short demo of the LanguageWire TYPO3 Connector

With minimal setup, a LanguageWire TYPO3 Connector lets you translate your entire website or individual assets from your TYPO3 CMS. It only takes a few clicks. By eliminating manual tasks through automation, you’ll save time and can thus focus on key strategic goals.

“Our platform integrates seamlessly with TYPO3 to provide a fast, easy and reliable solution for managing and ordering translations.”

– Asier Pereda Jayo, Partner Director, LanguageWire

The interface is similar to an online store, you add the content you want translated to a shopping basket in TYPO3, add your project information such as a brief for your team of language experts, set a deadline and click send.

We’ve developed a robust system: automatic validation, coupled with secure synchronisation between TYPO3 and LanguageWire, which means that you don’t have to worry about system crashes or security issues disrupting your projects and deadlines.

In short

More and more consumers are gravitating to digital channels. This requires brands to deliver a positive user experience across all channels, with high-quality content tailored to global markets.

Automated workflows and CMS integrations such as our LanguageWire TYPO3 Connector are used by global brands to create more web content in more languages faster, while meeting deadlines and quality expectations.

Translation integration is a must for teams looking to improve content ROI, reduce workload and shorten time-to-market. 

“TYPO3 is a leading CMS system with a large global community. The integration with LanguageWire makes our CMS solution even stronger.”

– Mathias Schreiber, CEO, TYPO3 GmbH

Find out more about the LanguageWire TYPO3 Connector.


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