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Keep Your TYPO3 v7.6 Site Safe With ELTS

Extended Long Term Support for TYPO3 v7.6

It’s been a year since we announced the release of our Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) program for TYPO3 CMS v7.6. In the past year, this topic has lost none of its relevance: Software delivers the most value and the least risk when fully updated and supported. 

If you’re talking about TYPO3, our Long-Term Support (LTS) releases guarantee three years of official security and maintenance support by the community. A new LTS version is released every 18 months. Add the three-year support of TYPO3 GmbH ELTS and you’ll get a fully supported TYPO3 version for a total of six years. 

TYPO3 v7 LTS reached the end of community support and has been out of regular maintenance since the end of 2018. Currently, according to the TYPO3 development cycle roadmap, there are two active, community-supported LTS versions: TYPO3 v8 and v9. Plus, v7 remains officially supported thanks to our ELTS program.

Reasons for updates

There are great reasons to update to the latest version of our CMS—of course! But not everyone needs to upgrade to the newest version right away every time. Your website could still be delivering the value you need—leads, conversions, results—running on an older version for now. Working with an older TYPO3 instance doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker—as long as you keep it patched, up-to-date, and officially supported.

TYPO3 ELTS: All features at a glance

Our ELTS program has you and your TYPO3 CMS website covered in several critical areas, guaranteeing support for an additional three year period beyond the TYPO3 Project’s initial three-year support window. With our ELTS package, you get: 

  • Extended security
  • Extended compatibility
  • Extended project life cycle
  • 3-year availability
  • IT security-law compliance
  • Expanded upgrade window
  • 6-year planning horizon
  • Improved ROI and cost savings


Legal frameworks like the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hold website owners accountable for potential security flaws that one could come across. If you are running unsupported, non-updated software, you face a much higher risk of falling victim to such issues—and you may be held accountable for damages. 

Your mission-critical website should deliver you and your clients more business and better service, not present you with more risk. Our ELTS program minimizes that risk, providing official, legally recognized support for the most recent unsupported LTS version of TYPO3. Currently, that means we provide you with technical support, including security alerts and patches for TYPO3 v7.6. You can purchase official ELTS support from one to three years.


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