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December 2018: Developer Appreciation Day (DAD)

Kudos to Coders!

As December has given way to January it’s time to reflect on what the past month has brought us. Recapping the evaluation of our most recent contributions to the TYPO3 core, we find some remarkable numbers. You folks are truly amazing!

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Last month we had altogether:

  • 78 contributors

  • 39 patch authors

  • 166 reviews (3 features, 70 bugfixes, 83 tasks)

  • 15 documentation improvers

Your contributions - Your TYPO3

We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and engagement of all you dedicated developers who contribute towards the TYPO3 project. It’s important to us that you all know just how much we appreciate your work.

Your contributions are the foundation of the TYPO3 open source platform - thank you!

This month's authors

This month, a special thank you goes to Aimeos, Thomas Alboth, Oliver Bartsch, Jörg Bösche, Romain Canon, Steffen Dietrich, Rico Drexler, Jonas Eberle, Bernhard Eckl, Vladimir Falcon, Benjamin Franzke, Achim Fritz, , Markus Gehrig, Josef Glatz, Rudy Gnodde, Daniel Goerz, Raphael Graf, Georg Großberger, Stephan Großberndt, Richard Haeser, Jürgen Heym, Nikita Hovratov, Björn Jacob, Thorben Kapp, Tim Karliczek, Oliver Klee, Wolfgang Klinger, Peter Kraume, Jörg Kummer, Christian Lange, Christoph Lehmann, Jasmina Ließmann, Ralf Merz, Sebastian Michaelsen, Tomas Norre Mikkelsen, Chris Müller, Mona Muzaffar, Michael Oehlhof, Florian Peters, Sybille Peters, Markus Poerschke, Daniel Rémy, Nicolai Schirawski, André Schließer, Guido Schmechel, Alexander Schnitzler, Mathias Schreiber, Tim Schreiner, Preben Rather Sørensen, Matthias Stegmann, Alexander Stehlik, Marcel Tams, Riny van Tiggelen, Christian Toffolo, undkonsorten, Łukasz Uznański, Willi Wehmeier and Wittkiel Gruppe.

High five for your dedicated work! Your contributions, reviews, testing and reports on issues are highly appreciated. They’re what make TYPO3 into such a powerful and stable software solution.

Our dedicated Core Team

We’d also like to thank the following core team members for their ongoing committed support and faithful collaboration: Mathias Brodala, Riccardo De Contardi, Nicole Cordes, Andreas Fernandez, Oliver Hader, Jan Helke, Jigal van Hemert, Helmut Hummel, Markus Klein, Benjamin Kott, Christian Kuhn, Anja Leichsenring, Benni Mack, Susanne Moog, Tymoteusz Motylewski, Frank Nägler, Stefan Neufeind, Georg Ringer, Andreas Wolf and Wouter Wolters.

Documentation improvers

A very big "thank you" to all documentation contributors for their help to extend and improve the documentations of TYPO3: Ben Abbott, ahmadkhoei, Martin Bless, Mathias Brodala, Josef Glatz, Philipp Kitzberger, Christoph Lehmann, Thomas Löffler, Andrew Luca, Ralf Merz, Chris Müller, Sybille Peters, Michael Pieperhoff, Česlav Przywara and Daniel Siepmann.

Join us for Review Friday

Are you a TYPO3 developer and would you like to meet other coders face-to-face more frequently? Or maybe you’re new to the TYPO3 project and would like to test the waters? We open our office doors every first Friday of the month for a full day of tackling issues in the review queue.

Location: TYPO3 GmbH, Am Wehrhahn 41, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany
Date: 1st Friday every month
Time: 9am to midnight
Goal: Get things done, indulge in that green bar feeling and have a good time!

What to expect

The review process improves the overall quality of the code and is an essential part of the development of TYPO3. Review Friday is open to anyone who wants to help out, and the process is simple.

Come along, pick a seat, boot up your laptop, and spend time with us contributing to what we all love so much, TYPO3. There is room for coding, testing, talking and sharing stories. Food and beverages will be taken care of by us.

Sign up via Facebook (link is in the event description) or by contacting Anja Leichsenring via Slack (@maddy). Or just come along to our office in Düsseldorf. We can’t wait to see you! And do let your friends and co-coders know about this regular event.

See you next time

We’re grateful to have so many developers involved in our open source project–developers who believe in bringing good ideas to life, and who are truly passionate about our powerhouse content management system TYPO3.

Remember: all it takes is a single patch to make a difference! We’re excited to move forward with both Developer Appreciation Day as well as Review Friday, and look forward to celebrating our technical staff, employers and partners again. Stay tuned for January's recap that we’ll be publishing at the beginning of next month.