Author: Xavier Perseguers

Xavier Perseguers is the CEO of Causal Sarl, a Swiss company actively contributing to TYPO3. He is regularly contributing to the TYPO3 core and helping people in the community. Xavier is finally the author of a few popular extensions such as a connector to LDAP for TYPO3 and an extension to automatically resize images uploaded by editors in order to lower the resource footprint. Another widely used extension lets editor and developer easily work on their documentation and manuals from within TYPO3 using the Sphinx rendering engine.

Cloudflare Optimizes Images With WebP

Several days ago Cloudflare announced on their blog that their image optimization engine "Polish" has been enhanced with a new feature that's enables recompressing images with the WebP format. To understand what this means, we need to understand what Cloudflare does in the first place.