Author: Steffen Dietrich

While studying computer science at the TFH Berlin and working for the company Secrypt around 2009, he came in touch with TYPO3. His first job was to keep the content and the TYPO3 installation up-to-date. This is where he started his ongoing relationship with TYPO3. After that he continued using TYPO3 for companies like Frogster, Gameforge or AgenturWebfox, where he kept all websites alive and running and helped other people with their content and daily questions. Steffen took part in the "Send your Junior!" program and is currently working for Helios where he maintains their websites in TYPO3. Besides TYPO3, Steffen is always open for a bad one-liner and loves a good comic book.

How To: Route Enhancer For News

One of TYPO3’s core features are Human Readable URLs. Even though they are working fine for standard pages, some extbase extensions like ext:news require specific adjustments. In this article, Steffen Dietrich explains how to configure readable URLs for your news section.