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Are you a TYPO3 eCommerce Extension Author?

About eCommerce

eCommerce evolves around a single basic principle: selling goods or services over electronic systems. With the advancement of technology, the amount of people turning to online shopping is growing rapidly. Therefore, eCommerce plugins are a logical solution for companies with large and small budgets.

There is a lot to keep track of when you run an eCommerce business. While you would like to see the number of people who buy your products online increase, it’s many other things that matter, not just the number of shoppers. Merchants want to be able to measure the success of their business by tracking valuable information about their sales funnel. This includes details about the sold products, revenue made, demographics, the effects of ads, abandoned carts, and more. 

An Overview - eCommerce Extensions

Google Analytics and its eCommerce features makes it easy for businesses to track the success of their online ventures by making important events in the buyer's journey on the website visible, but it doesn’t track the data by default. In order to track eCommerce on your website, you need to have extensions that provide event triggers for these eCommerce functions. 

If your eCommerce extension is not firing any events at all, then your merchants will need to change the code of the extension to fire those events, if they want them to be tracked in Google Analytics. For example, if merchants are using your extension that tracks when a certain product sells out, but it's not firing the event and therefore not tracking in Google Analytics, you'll need to dig into the code of that eCommerce extension and figure out how to get it to track.

What is our Goal?

Our goal is simple: connect the authors (you) of eCommerce extensions with Google so that you can learn how to write your code in a way to make the merchants successful and satisfied with the given functionalities.

By doing this, you can ensure that your extensions continue to be top-notch products while also taking care of merchants who may not have the time or knowledge to change code on their site every time an update is released.

If you are a TYPO3 eCommerce extension author and you are interested in learning the process which will make you and your merchants lives easier and more efficient, let us know your contact details by filling out the form and we will be happy to connect you to our partner managers at Google.



We at Pixelant/Resultify have developed a TYPO3 extension called Product Manager.

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