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7 Reasons for an Independent TYPO3 Project Review

Project Reviews are one of TYPO3 GmbH’s more interesting offerings. They offer stakeholders in a web project–businesses, developers, and others–the chance to get an objective, expert opinion about the state of their web project.

Sometimes a second opinion is just what you need to clear up a misunderstanding or to make up for gaps in your knowledge. Getting objective facts on the table can be the fastest way to taking decisions and getting blockers out of your way. Building, upgrading, or maintaining a great website provides plenty of opportunity for technical complexity or differences in style to slow things down. The open source TYPO3 CMS has a great advantage in this case: it is backed not only by its community of contributors, but also by an independent commercial entity, TYPO3 GmbH, that provides expert services, including project reviews varying in depth and scope.

When the going gets tough

Thousands of TYPO3 agencies and freelancers are doing remarkable work out there every day. One reason we put together this “helping hand” offering at TYPO3 GmbH is that we all know what it’s like when we feel things are not going the way they should. We’ve been there ourselves and (hopefully) learned from these challenges. Understanding code (or not) or differing views on how to implement things can be tricky communications barriers. Our independent, expert assessments can help build bridges, inform all parties, resolve these situations, and get things back on track.

Sometimes you need a 2nd opinion … or a 3rd.

An independent, expert review can be a great help in resolving disputes, but there are a number of other situations where it can help you make better decisions. Let’s have a look at the good, the bad, and the … :-)

  1. Seal of quality
    If you’re a TYPO3 service provider, have a package reviewed that you use in client projects and get a public endorsement of your work (or the tips you need to make it rock solid).

  2. What’s the state-of-play?
    How is your site doing? Was it well-built in the first place? Has it been well-maintained?

  3. Upgrade or update?
    A project report can help you make well-informed cost vs. benefit decisions when choosing between updating your existing site or rebuilding and upgrading to a whole new version.

  4. Preparing for an upgrade
    Get an exact picture of where your next upgrade will need more time invested and where it will be smooth sailing.

  5. Changing agency or development partner
    When changing service providers, use an objective report so that everyone involved knows what they’re getting into.

  6. Hosting platform migration
    Different hosters have different requirements in terms of code quality and configuration. Assess your site against their needs when preparing for a new hoster.

  7. Resolve disputes
    Get an objective report, focused on best practices can help you move beyond situations where you’re stuck at your word against someone else’s.

Let’s be clear

TYPO3 GmbH isn’t in the business of building websites; that’s what the professional TYPO3 agencies do. Our business is enabling the TYPO3 community to deliver its best work to everyone. Our reviews are discrete, confidential, objective, factual, and based on expert knowledge gained through years of professional experience.

Get in touch with us to talk about your situation and how we can help you. Make sure to download a free copy of a Project Review by clicking the button below.

Editor's note: This is a republishment. The original article was released on August 7, 2017.


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