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Extend into new markets

As an official Technology Partner, you can benefit from our involvement in our sales and marketing program. Technology partners are delivering the preferred third party solution for a flexible Digital Experience Platform around TYPO3.

Operating in a highly competitive market

Software vendors must increasingly differentiate themselves from their competitors. Highly specialized solutions accompany the market just like supposedly all-in-one digital experience platforms. The challenge is to position oneself correctly in this market.

The TYPO3 Integration Partner Program

The Integration Partner Program is a technology-focused partnership dedicated to improving client support and growth for your offerings and TYPO3 CMS.

Its main scope is to attract new clients and ease their adoption of your offerings and TYPO3 CMS by implementing professional and vendor-maintained integrations into TYPO3.

A successful partnership within the Integration Partner Program benefits you, us, and our mutual clients equally. Clients benefit from ease of use and an official, up-to-date integration of your product or service. In turn, you and the TYPO3 landscape benefit from increased exposure and improved mutual reputation.

Act more powerful with partnerships.

The technology partnership with TYPO3 offers the opportunity to bundle new markets and to act together on the market as a specialized but open solution. The expertise and speed of special solutions combined with the functional diversity of the various seamlessly integrated solutions, offers the client the optimal solution and the partner and TYPO3 the opportunity to position themselves on the market in a targeted manner.

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Benefits for integration partners

Access to Agency Partners

TYPO3 aims to connect Integration Partners and Agency Partners. Unlike many other open source projects, TYPO3 has a strong focus on digital agencies, who in turn, can be multipliers and advocates for Integration Partner service offerings.

Our Agency Partners work with end-clients every day and are always on the lookout for new ways to offer them value.

Paired with combined marketing efforts from both the Integration Partner and TYPO3 GmbH, this offers a great opportunity to access new sectors and markets.

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Generate awareness at TYPO3 events

We provide Integration Partners with access to a wide variety of TYPO3 community events, conferences, and other potentially valuable opportunities to expand their network. At these events, people who share an industry or common interest come together to collaborate, share pain points and solutions, and meet like-minded individuals. You gain the opportunity of standing out from the crowd by giving a talk, taking part in roundtable discussions, meeting key decision-makers, and advertising your brand.

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Brand building through joint marketing activities

TYPO3 has a range of activities across numerous channels to promote the TYPO3 brand and further accelerate its adoption. We are constantly looking for marketing strategies that drive sales, growth, and online traffic for us, our partners, and stakeholders. Our goal is to be the best—professional, supported, sustainable—enterprise open source CMS on the market.

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Provide official Integrations for TYPO3

The technical integration of partner services into TYPO3 CMS works in the form of so-called extensions. These are what other systems also call “modules” or “plugins”. TYPO3 aims to have official integrations supported and endorsed by Integration Partners to strengthen TYPO3 as well as the partners’ reputation within the CMS market.  TYPO3 GmbH can provide conceptual support for shaping and realizing official integrations, keeping in close touch with Integration Partners, informing them about new technical developments in TYPO3 as well as helping to get the initial integration started.

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A win, win, win for you, the customer and TYPO3

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