Service Level Agreements

The software you use is a key factor to success for your digital strategies - and we will help to keep it running.

Guaranteed Response Times

Priority Bugfixing

24/7 Support

The final piece of the puzzle

Websites or applications are a vital part of your digital strategy. Keeping them running smoothly is your top priority.

Most of your infrastructure stack is secured with several SLAs - from your datacenter to your servers, from your application services to your website built with TYPO3.

Now you can fill the last gap in your infrastructure with Service Level Agreements unique to the TYPO3 world, an SLA for the TYPO3 core itself!

Even more reliable

Whenever you spot something that feels odd in your application - we've got your back.

We maintain your installation in close collaboration with your digital agency or your IT-Team to provide you with superior service and dedication.

We don't just want you to be safe - we strive for a partnership to make your digital communication become more successful and reliable.

Priority support

Every request handed to us will be handled by capable professionals who know their way around TYPO3 for a lot of years. We will identify the issue at hand and come up with a solution so your business keeps on running.

Pick a response time that fits your needs. From 2 business days to 4 hours day and night, there is the right pick for everyone.

Starting at only €200 per month you can start small and go big as your business grows.

Guaranteed reply times

You're running a business - we understand that.

Quick replies to incidents are of the essence in these cases.

With our state-of-the-art reporting system you can always see the status of your current inquiry. Depending on your plan you will get a monthly or quarterly report about all reply and issue resolution times.

Dedicated account managers

Enterprise and Enterprise Pro customers will get their own dedicated account managers since being able to communicate with a live person not only feels better, it oftentimes leads to solving problems more easily and much quicker.

Your account manager will get to know you and your project over time and you will even be able to meet them at the annual T3Con and talk about all the things that were achieved together; fist-bumping included.

Business Service Level Agreements

Small Business

As low as € 200.00 per month

  • Response Time:
    2 business days
  • Bugfixing without deadline:
    free of charge
  • Priority Bugfixing:
    € 110.00/h

€ 2,400.00 per year (save >16%) or
€ 240.00 per month

Medium Business

As low as € 500.00 per month

  • Response Time:
    1 business day
  • Bugfixing without deadline:
    free of charge
  • Priority Bugfixing:
    € 100.00/h

€ 6,000.00 per year (save >16%) or
€ 600.00 per month


As low as € 1,000.00 per month

  • Response Time:
    6 hours on business days
  • Bugfixing without deadline:
    free of charge
  • Priority Bugfixing:
    € 90.00/h

€ 12,000.00 per year (save >16%) or
€ 1,200.00 per month

Enterprise Service Level Agreements

24/7 Support


€ 3,000.00 per month

  • Response Time:
    8 hours 24/7
  • Bugfixing without deadline:
    free of charge
  • Priority Bugfixing:
    € 80.00/h

Enterprise Pro

€ 12,500.00 per month

  • Response Time:
    4 hours 24/7
  • Bugfixing without deadline:
    free of charge
  • Priority Bugfixing:

Frequently Asked Questions


Our engineers need access to your systems in order to find the root cause of an incident. In order to react fast our team has to know your system by heart.

Integration systems can be negotiated.

Trying to find errors on production sites is like open heart surgery - but we prefer to not become surgeons.

In order to find issues we might need to set up a local integration site for our team. These are of course covered by an NDA.


Of course.

We are very serious about data privacy and security and as such a non-disclosure agreement is both mandatory and a no-brainer to us.