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SUNZINET Supports SIMONSWERK in Global Expansion Efforts with Custom TYPO3 Upgrades

Manufacturing Industry Leader Leverages TYPO3 for Worldwide Growth

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SIMONSWERK, a renowned manufacturer of hinges and hinge systems with a 125-year legacy, sought to elevate its digital presence. Facing a platform that no longer represented their global stature or supported their expansion goals across 12 countries, SIMONSWERK needed a solution that matched their high standards and international ambitions. 

Seeking an agency with deep TYPO3 expertise for complex installations and a proven track record in leading digital transformations, SIMONSWERK chose SUNZINET through a competitive pitch. 

With TYPO3’s features and capabilities, SUNZINET was poised to create a tailored digital solution that would bring SIMONSWERK’s business to the next level.

Key Outcomes

Increased Engagement

Website sessions increased by 55.51% after the relaunch.

User Growth

User numbers grew by 47.21% post-relaunch.

Enhanced Search

ElasticSearch integration boosted search speed and accuracy.

Global Reach

Multi-language architecture tailored content for 12 countries.

Dealer Locator

Dealer search plugin improved local dealer accessibility.

Dynamic Content

Custom extensions enabled seamless dynamic content updates.

Custom Extensions Empower Dynamic Content and Seamless Interactions

SUNZINET implemented custom TYPO3 extensions to revitalize SIMONSWERK’s digital experience. These extensions enhanced the site’s ability to handle dynamic content updates seamlessly across all platforms, ensuring uniform brand portrayal through meticulous design and content guidelines. 

This strategic overhaul improved the aesthetics and made the platform robust enough to handle increased traffic and user interactions, crucial for their expanded global footprint.

Dealer Search Plugin Enhances User Experience with Google Maps Integration

With the introduction of a dealer search plugin with Google Maps, SUNZINET enhanced search capabilities significantly, thus improving the user experience on the client’s website. Customers can now easily locate dealerships near them, enhancing accessibility and user interaction. 

ElasticSearch integration boosted the website’s search functionality. The integration works by indexing the content on SIMONSWERK’s site to make it easily retrievable, even when dealing with large volumes of data. The outcome is faster and more accurate results, which are essential for user retention and satisfaction. 

Multi-Language and Multi-Domain Architecture Boosts Global Reach

Recognizing the importance of localizing content for diverse markets, SUNZINET implemented a multi-domain and multi-language architecture using TYPO3. This allowed the management of localized content tailored to specific regions and languages, ensuring the brand resonated well with global and local audiences.

The website relaunch featured an extensive product selector for over 700 products per country, allowing users to easily find, save, and download product information.

“With SUNZINET, we have had a reliable partner for our digital transformation at our side for many years. Together we are continuously improving our digital presence and our digital processes. When working with SUNZINET, we particularly appreciate the strong expertise and the open communication at eye level. We are looking forward to our further future projects!”

 Carsten Huber, Head of Marketing, SIMONSWERK

Immediate Results After the Website Relaunch

Since the relaunch of their platform, SIMONSWERK has seen a remarkable increase in website engagement and user base. Post-relaunch sessions soared from 45,093 to 70,124, marking a 55.51% increase, while the number of users grew from 26,067 to 38,372, an increase of 47.21%. Furthermore, sessions with interactions surged by 51.5%, indicating enhanced user engagement and satisfaction.

The SIMONSWERK’s platform has not only been upgraded to the latest version of TYPO3, but has also been tailored to their business needs and expansion goals. They are enthusiastic about continuing to leverage this advanced system well into the future.

SUNZINET and TYPO3 Propel SIMONSWERK To Digital Excellence

SUNZINET’s TYPO3 mastery and customer-centric approach have been instrumental in elevating SIMONSWERK's web presence and supporting its global expansion. By leveraging TYPO3’s flexibility and robust features, SUNZINET delivered a digital solution that not only met SIMONSWERK’s unique requirements but also ensured technical excellence and high-quality delivery.

Interested in utilizing TYPO3 for your brand’s digital transformation? We work with a number of partner agencies who are ready to support companies in reaching their full potential. 

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Dealer search allowing customers to find nearby dealers by typing their zip code
Multi-domain and multi-language architecture making it easy to switch between different countries
Contact Search with direct form to the selected contact person
Search App with Elastic Search and VueJs dividing search results in pages, products and downloads
Download center with Elastic Search and VueJs displaying all available downloads, e. g. user manuals
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