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TYPO3 and Schaffrath Unite Associations’ Digital Presence Under New Umbrella Brand

Germany's Printing and Media Industry Unified by TYPO3 Multi Domain under Schaffrath DigitalMedien GmbH Leadership

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The Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.V. (BVDM) is the umbrella organization for the German printing and media industry, representing member companies and regional associations nationwide.

BVDM and its regional associations operated independently, each with distinct names, brands, and identities. This fragmented approach limited their communicative effectiveness and brand coherence on a national scale. Recognizing the need for a unified and impactful presence, 8 associations decided to consolidate their activities under the umbrella brand ‘Bundesverband Druck und Medien’ (BVDM) in a strong TYPO3 Multi Domain.

As a long-standing, trusted partner of one of the regional associations, Schaffrath DigitalMedien GmbH was selected to lead the digital transformation. The goal was to create a high-quality brand presence for VDM, significantly improve the associations’ impact, and realize cost savings by utilizing a shared TYPO3 multisite system.

Streamlining Content Management with TYPO3’s “Override” Function

To facilitate content synergies across the associations while allowing for individualized content, Schaffrath DigitalMedien developed a custom “Override” function that integrates with TYPO3. This innovative solution allows editors to:

  • Transfer global data records, such as news articles, to their association’s domain and adapt them to meet specific requirements;
  • Customize meta-data like category, title, and author without affecting global news; and
  • Tailor content to each association's needs while maintaining a unified global presence.

The “Override” function has optimized editorial workflows, improved collaboration between associations, and helped VDM leverage content synergies to strengthen its overall brand presence.

Leveraging TYPO3’s Flexibility for Custom Features and Integrations

To meet VDM’s specific requirements, Schaffrath DigitalMedien utilized TYPO3’s extensibility and flexibility to implement several key features:

Seminar Registration Made Easy

A seminar calendar with a registration function, enabling easy event management and participation

Automated Testing & Deployment

A modern architecture with automated testing and deployment, ensuring a robust system that is easy to maintain

Seamless Extension Integration

Seamless integration of various extensions to enhance functionality and user experience

Agile Development and Schaffrath’s TYPO3 Expertise

Schaffrath’s agile project management approach was instrumental in the project’s success. Consulting and project management initiated a comprehensive workshop to set objectives and define requirements. After the workshop, the developers and integrators, together with the project owner, filled the backlog with requirements and worked through them in sprints. This methodology enabled Schaffrath to react flexibly to changing requirements and to review the progress of the project step by step. This ensured that each phase met VDM’s expectations and needs.

Work with TYPO3 to Power Your Enhanced and Unified Multisite Digital Presence

This project exemplifies TYPO3’s transformative potential for multi-domain projects within large business sectors like the printing and media industry. Not only has it secured a strong, unified presence for BVDM and its associations—it has also paved the way for future digital integrations and enhancements.

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