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Why Use TYPO3 as CMS

Thanks to Karen from Computer-Zauber for sharing!

We at Computer-Zauber are often asked why we mainly use TYPO3. That is usually followed by the remark that it’s so difficult no one can manage the contents themselves. Thank you. I’m actually glad to hear it because now I can really come at this the right way.

TYPO3 – An Open Source Enterprise Content Management System (CMS)

No matter if you’re a start-up, a sole proprietor or a large global company, TYPO3 offers everything a modern website needs in the public domain. It’s a CMS that can adapt to all changes and needs for company growth. TYPO3 offers all the functions you could wish for, like multilingualism, setting up of different editors (depending on the editor’s work), with targeted releases, multi-users, security and extensions. With “cal” (T3 calendar), for example, it handles appointment processing and booking for learning objective tests at school.

Editor training courses are the top priority in TYPO3

In my opinion, the backend is very clear and intuitively structured. It makes sense to limit rights for editors so that no overloading takes place. With individual training for over 10 years now, I have managed to teach non-computer-minded people their own website maintenance. You know it’s bad when the customer says I’ll have a look for myself, I’m sure I can do it... That leads to negative feedback more often than not.

The triumvirate: TYPO3 Community, TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 GmbH

TYPO3 CommunityTYPO3 Association and TYPO3 GmbH guarantee continuity. In my opinion, this triumvirate offers the security for a constantly secure, modern CMS. It’s crazy to look at how many freelancers and agencies are voluntarily members of the TYPO3 Association, and how steadily this financially underpins security controls and further developments. For me as well: I also make money with the creation of TYPO3 websites; therefore, in my opinion it’s my duty to become a member. For more than 10 years, I have gotten to know the cohesion and commitment of many TYPO3ers, and I can only tip my hat to them! The willingness to help one another is incredible.

The security of TYPO3

Why was TYPO3 proven to be a very secure CMS in studies? TYPO3 owes its security to its core team. The core team works tirelessly to keep TYPO3 secure, which is also true of extensions that can be downloaded for TYPO3. You can report all of the odds and ends that come up at work and the reviews are all pursued. TYPO3 guarantees kaizen with collective interplay.

The change of TYPO3

I’ve been working with TYPO3 for over 10 years, and if you take a look at old books or documents, it’s great how easy many things have become for editors and programmers.

I think these changes are due to real pioneers in connection with the TYPO3 Community. These pioneers are for example individuals like Jo Hasenau (Gridelements), Wolfgang Wagner (Video training and books created at or companies like Pixelant AB (t3kit, frontend editor) and dkd (Solr, t3kit, ...). All small and large pioneering work wants to break boundaries. Thank you for the commitment around TYPO3.

Concept of the TYPO3 User Experience Week

In 2014, Petra and Jo Hasenau hosted the TYPO3 User Experience Week. For a week, 30 people either working as designers, programmers and core developers were in the middle of nowhere. Deep in the remote Harz mountains - without any distractions - they planned, tested and developed how TYPO3 could become even better.

This resulted in improvements for the work at the backend as well as in laying the foundation for distributions. The idea of frontend editing was born in the Harz, and Pixelant concerned themselves with its further development. The ideas for the guided tours and for the extension “forms” were also forged there. Tritum has taken over the further development of the “form” extension. An important topic of translation handling, some of the developed changes have already been incorporated into the TYPO3 core.

How can I support the development of TYPO3?

So you’re not a TYPO3 developer, but still love your TYPO3 website? Or you earn money by using TYPO3? Then use these different possibilities to support TYPO3’s further development. We are always looking for sponsors for the T3UXW. For example, you could promote the further development of translation handling and many more creative ideas for TYPO3. In the previous section, you could read what ideas have matured there and maybe you’ll find that your website already benefits from these innovations.

If you are looking for permanent support, you can even become a member of the TYPO3 Association.
We look forward to seeing you.

Closing words

With the choice of TYPO3, you can rely on a constantly innovative, modern and secure CMS. Anyone wishing to work with TYPO3, whether as a programmer or editor, should be given the time to contact the community and/or attend training courses. The T3Rookie Project provides an easy introduction into the TYPO3 world, especially for trainees.

Since all of this is only possible with the help of sponsors, I would like to wish all TYPO3 friends, users and enthusiasts happy sponsoring and a lot of fun working with TYPO3.

TYPO3 is still here.


Thank you for contributing and sharing Karen

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