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What is a multisite CMS, and how can it help your business?

Build a consistent brand across numerous websites with TYPO3’s open, extensible, and customizable multisite CMS.

Multisite CMS: Getting Started

Are you looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to manage multiple websites? A multisite CMS allows you to run multiple websites from one location, increasing control over your content and improving SEO.

Businesses operating multisite environments need to share content across all their platforms safely and easily. For such companies, navigating content integration is complex. Add to that brand consistency and operating in multiple languages and the headache is real.

The best multisite CMS providers offer a solution to these problems, with centralized website management and functionality to share branded content across all your sites.

TYPO3 CMS helps streamline daily marketing tasks, allowing your team to focus on content planning, digital asset management, and SEO. They’ll have more time to create and publish content that delivers results across all digital channels.

Let’s take a look at each of these points in detail.

Gain control of your content to create brand consistency

Building a consistent brand requires control of all your digital assets and content. But managing assets across multiple properties can be complex and challenging. Clearing and updating your core assets centrally prevents the use of outdated off-brand designs that work against your identity.

TYPO3 CMS is built around the Page Tree, a view that makes controlling your content and building a consistent brand simpler:

  • Reuse any piece of content, from a snippet to a whole group of pages, in any site in your installation. Update it once and it will be updated everywhere you use it on any of your sites.
  • The Page Tree features fine-grained access control that can apply to all branding elements like styling, images, and media. You keep control over the look and feel of your brands while enabling local teams to do their jobs.
  • Manage user access to give local teams control over translated content (for a given branch of the Page Tree, for example) while reserving access to global content for the appropriate teams.

Liberate marketing and save resources

Combining your sites under a multisite CMS can help streamline your digital communications and online business. By removing the need to duplicate assets, toggle between marketing software systems, and interact with IT departments to get your job done, TYPO3 liberates you from these traditional roadblocks. You and your team can focus on driving traffic to your business.

TYPO3 provides editors with tools that support their everyday work with straightforward interfaces for scheduling, writing, editing, previewing, and staying on top of content. Features like TYPO3’s digital asset management system (DAM) deliver effective asset discovery, access, and reuse, greatly reducing editorial and management overhead. 

TYPO3 also integrates with other leading DAMs (like CELUM) to store, classify, and manage images, videos, and brand identity assets, letting you increase the quality of your digital assets by adding comprehensive metadata.

Multisite Content Management with TYPO3 CMS

Deploying a multisite CMS can be difficult, and you’ll have a lot to plan and keep track of — including content maintenance and reuse, user access privileges, marketing campaigns, and integrations. Thankfully, with ​​TYPO3, you get best-of-breed, open-source, enterprise content management, ready to support multisite installations out of the box.

Once you’re set up, TYPO3’s workflows and content creation tools help you produce immersive online experiences, optimized for modern platforms, and seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and services.

A multisite CMS can help you build your brand and empower your team. Start your multisite CMS journey with TYPO3.

Is your business in need of a multisite content management system? Our TYPO3 Partners have experience working with businesses of all sizes to enhance their web presence and engage with audiences across brands.

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